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Is new Braun Multiquick juicer worth £130?

Which? verdict on new Braun juicer
Multiquick 5 juicer with fruit

Braun’s Multiquick J500 juicer is one of three new juicers

Braun’s new Multiquick 5 juicer is one of three new juicers Braun says ‘are designed to make a difference’ and ‘fit seamlessly into a busy lifestyle’. So is it worth buying? Our experts have tried it to find out. 

After an absence of six years German manufacturer Braun, best known for its hand blender range, is back in the UK kitchen gadget market with a range of small appliances, including three new centrifugal juicers. 

Juicers are very popular at the moment, so we’ve been trying out the Multiquick 5 J500 juicer to see if really can whizz through fruit and vegetables with ease. 

Read our first look review of the Braun Multiquick 5 J500 juicer to discover if we think this juicer lives up to its claims. 

If you’re after a Best Buy juicer that’s passed the tough Which? lab tests with flying colours, check out our juicer reviews. Which? members can log in to view the reviews. If you’re not yet a member, try a £1 trial to Which? for instant access to these and all our other reviews.

Braun Multiquick juicer

The Braun Multiquick 5 J500 juicer (£129.99) sits between the top-of-the-range Multiquick 7 juicer and the Multiquick 3 juicer in Braun’s trio of new juicers. 

It features a 900W motor, stainless steel and black design and dishwasher-safe parts, claims Braun, which also says the spout is non-splash and non-drip. There’s a juice-collection jug included which comes with a handy foam separator. 

Braun Multiquick juicers are currently available from Argos, Currys and Amazon.

Juicer reviews

Which? has tested more than 30 of the most popular juicers available to buy from brands such a Breville, Magimix, Philips and Argos. Seven have made the grade as Best Buy juicers.  

Which? juicer expert Jane Darling says: ‘A good juicer should be able to juice fruit and vegetables quickly, make good juice and not be too difficult to use or clean, so it will be interesting to see how many boxes the Braun juicer is able to tick. Our testing sometimes reveals vast differences between what a juicer claims and what it actually delivers.

‘The Multiquick 5 comes with a ‘detox’ recipe book full of colourful, inspiring, recipes, but not everyone may have the more exotic ingredients, such as dragon fruit or physalis, readily available. 

‘It’s also worth remembering that only one 200ml glass of juice can count towards your recommended five-a-day fruit and vegetable consumption.’

Centrifugal vs masticating juicers

Braun’s Multiquick juicers are centrifugal juicers; this type of juicer flings fruit at high speed against a metal filter to juice, whereas a ‘slow’ or masticating juicer grinds and chews ingredients to produce juice.

Some feel that the slower process of masticating (chewing) fruit and vegetables leaves a better quality of juice. 

If you’re interested in a masticating, or slow, juicer head to our masticating juicer reviews  to see which ones are the best before parting with your cash. 

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