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Three new Best Buy freezers – one is really cheap

Expensive and cheap freezers go head-to-head

Choose a Best Buy freezer for speedy and stable freezing to help your frozen food last for longer when defrosted.

Our latest tests of freezers from brands including Beko, Zanussi and Smeg have unearthed three new Best Buys. And once again we’ve seen that you don’t need to fork out big bucks for brilliant quality.

We tested six tall freezers and three under-counter freezers and one of our new Best Buy freezers is among the cheaper models on test. Delivering super-speedy freezing to help your food stay fresher for longer when defrosted, it offers great value for your money.

The worst freezer on test isn’t the cheapest, showing that there’s really no direct link between price and quality. Check out our latest reviews to make sure you don’t pay more than you have to for the perfect freezer for you.

If you want to know which freezers are best, head straight to Best Buy freezers.

Expensive vs cheap freezers


The under-counter Zanussi ZFG06400WA (left) is over £800 cheaper than the tall Smeg CVB20LP1 (right), but our reviews reveal just how good they actually are.

Deciding which freezer you will buy will depend on a lot of things, including price.

The cheapest model on test is the £124 Zanussi ZFG06400WA, an under-counter freezer. It’s a basic freezer with no extra frills, such as a high-temperature alarm or a fast-freeze function. 

However, fancy features aren’t factored into our test score – we test how good all models are at the freezing essentials. So while handy extras might be tempting, only our test results will be able to tell you if it’s any good at freezing your food.

At the other end of the price spectrum is the retro-style Smeg CVB20LP1 (£999), a tall freestanding freezer which will set you back an eye-watering £999. Go to our Smeg freezer reviews to find out how it got on in our tough tests.

Freezer energy costs

Freezers use a lot of electricity because they’re switched on around the clock, so it’s important to buy one that won’t hike up your energy bills too much. We test how much energy each freezer uses, then work out an estimate of how much it will cost to run each year.

Freezers with more storage space tend to cost more to run than smaller models – our energy use star ratings take this into consideration.

You can use our online tool to find out how much each freezer we’ve tested will cost you to run per year. Go to freezer energy costs.

Just tested: new freezer reviews

  • tall freezer – £349
  • tall freezer – £500
  • under-counter freezer – £419
  • tall freezer – £300
  • tall freezer – £799
  • tall freezer – £999
  • under-counter freezer – £124
  • under-counter freezer – £199
  • tall freezer – £349

Prices are correct as of 22 September and are subject to change.

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