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Which? reveals the best boiler brands

What do heating engineers think of your boiler?
Gas boiler being fixed

Which? research reveals the boiler brands that won’t let you down.

Which? research reveals the boiler brands that will keep you warm all winter and the ones that might let you down.

Two gas boiler brands are so reliable and highly regarded by both their customers and heating engineers that they get our Best Buy recommendation. 

In total, eleven gas boiler brands and two oil boiler brands were covered by our unique research, including popular brands like Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Vaillant, Viessman, British Gas, Potterton and Glow-worm. 

Just want to find out which are the best boilers? Check out our boiler reviews.

Boiler reviews

If you are looking for a new boiler, our boiler reviews can help you choose the perfect one for your home. We can tell you how reliable each brand of boiler is and how likely people who own each brand of boiler are to be satisfied with it and recommend it to a friend. 

We can also tell you what heating engineers who work with boilers every single day make of the build quality, how easy it is to fix a common fault, how easy it is to get hold of parts and spares and how likely they are to recommend each brand of boiler to a customer. 

As well as these vital pieces of information, we can also help you pick a boiler that is the correct type and size for your home. Getting a boiler that is the right fit for your home is vital for keeping your energy use efficient and keeping your heating costs to a minimum.

Our boiler research

Our extensive research enables us to tell you which boilers are the most reliable. We consult the people who own each brand of boiler, as well as the experts who service them. By combining this information all in one place, along with all of the boilers’ specifications including heat output, efficiency and size, we can provide the most extensive and accurate boiler reviews around. 

Owners’ views

We asked 10,779 Which? members (May 2015) about the boiler they have in their home. By finding out how each brand of boiler has performed in real homes and how often it has broken down, we can give a reliability score to each boiler brand. 

After six years, the least reliable brands are almost 20% more likely to have developed a fault than the most reliable. 

We also give a customer score to each brand, based on how satisfied Which? members are with their brand of boiler and how likely they would be to recommend it to a friend.

Heating engineers’ views

For the first time this year, we gathered the views of 110 Which? Trusted Trader heating engineers (April 2015) to provide you with a truly unique insight into the views of the experts who get their hands dirty with boiler grease every single day.

We weren’t satisfied with asking any old heating engineers, so we used Which? Trusted Traders – as they go through a rigorous vetting procedure to confirm the expertise and quality of their work.

By asking heating engineers about their views on boiler build quality, how easy it is to get hold of parts and spares, how easy it is to fix a common fault and how likely they are to recommend each brand of boiler, we have been able to get a truly unique insight into the reputation of each boiler brand among those that know the most about them.

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