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Which? reveals three new Best Buy washing machines

Best Buys for cleaner clothes this Christmas
Washing machine being loaded with sheets by a woman

We stop washing machines mid cycle to measure how good they are at rinsing

Three new washing machines from different brands have been awarded Best Buy status following latest Which? washing machine tests.

We’ve tested new washing machines from leading brands including AEG, Beko, Miele, Hotpoint, John Lewis, Siemens and Zanussi, ranging in price from £200 to £600. 

Our rigorous laboratory tests found that three washing machines do such a brilliant job of blasting stains from clothes that we’re more than happy to award them our highest rating – the Which? Best Buy.

At the other end of the scale, one washing machine was so poor at rinsing washing powder away, that it was inches away from being rated a Don’t Buy.

Find out more about the washing machines that excelled in our tests – including more than 40 Best Buys – by heading straight to our washing machine reviews

Best and worst washing machines

There are massive differences between the best and worst washing machines tested by Which?. 

A washing machine with five stars for washing will do a very good job of removing stains – in our tests this means that 85% of the toughest stains including red wine, grass and tomato sauce will have vanished. 

But a washing machine with only one star will leave around 40% of the stains still on your clothes.

Washing machine testing secrets

As well as checking how well each washing machine can wash clothes, we also test how well each washing machine rinses away detergent. This can be important to you if your skin is sensitive to washing powder, but also, nobody wants their clothes dotted with white flecks.

We measure how good the rinse is by stopping the washing machines mid-cycle and removing the clothes from the drum just before the machine begins to spin. 

We then transfer the clothes to a standalone spin-dryer that spins at 2800rpm – that’s twice the speed of a fast-spinning washing machine.

We collect water spun from the clothes and compare its alkalinity to the tap water we used in the wash. Washing detergent is alkaline. The more alkaline the collected water, the poorer the washing machine is at rinsing.

New washing machines tested by Which?

AEG L69490FL – £419
Beko WM62125W – £280
Beko WM74125W – £200
Beko WMB71543W – £280
Beko WY124854M – £500
Miele WDA101 – £594
Hotpoint RPD9647JX – £470
John Lewis JLWM1414 – £499
Siemens WM12Q391GB – £480
Zanussi ZWF71340W – £230

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