Best boiler brands


Best boiler brands

by Matthew Knight

If you want to buy the best boiler, read on as we reveal the boiler brands you can trust. Once you know the best brands, pick the right model for your home using our boiler reviews.

We ask more than 10,000 boiler owners every year about the brand they own, how satisfied they are with it and whether their boiler has suffered any faults or breakdowns. We also ask more than 100 trusted boiler engineers what they think of each manufacturer and how likely they are to recommend boilers from each brand. 

The results enable us to recommend the best and worst brands. In this guide we share what we've learnt about each of them.  

Best and worst boiler brands

Below, we've collated the results of our annual reliability survey and the results of our annual boiler engineers survey so that you can see which brands are the most reliable, have the highest customer score, have the best build quality according to boiler engineers and are the most likely to be recommended by boiler engineers who are not incentivised to install boilers from that brand. 

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Boiler brands rated
Best gas boiler brands
BrandReliabilityCustomer scoreEngineer recommendationOverall % score

Table notes
1 The reliability and customer score are based on responses from a survey of 10,779 members of Which? Connect about their boilers that took place in May 2015.
2 Engineer recommendation, build quality, availability of parts and spares and ease of fixing a common fault are based on responses to a survey of 110 Which? Trusted Trader heating engineers that took place in March 2015.


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Choosing the best boiler brand

In May 2015 we surveyed 10,779 Which? members online to ask them about their boilers. We asked them to tell us about any breakdowns, problems and annoyances with their boiler and from this we determined the reliability rating for each brand.

We also asked them to assess how satisfied they were, and how likely they would be to recommend their brand of boiler (regardless of their experience of getting the boiler installed). These two questions form the basis of the Which? customer satisfaction score.

As well as gathering the views of people who own each brand of boiler, we also collect the views of heating engineers who work with boilers every day. In March 2015 we asked 110 Which? Trusted Trader heating engineers about their views on boiler build quality, their likelihood to recommend a boiler brand, the availability of parts and spares, and how easy it is to fix a common fault with each brand of boiler. We show how likely they'd be to recommend each brand, above. 

If you would like to read about engineers' views in more detail, see boiler brands rated by heating engineers.