Petrol vs diesel calculator


Petrol vs diesel calculator

By Martin Pratt

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Petrol vs diesel calculator

Does buying diesel really save you money? Or is petrol the better buy? Here's our fuel cost calculator to help you choose the right engine for your car.

Petrol vs diesel fuel cost calculator: is the diesel premium worth it?

Our fuel-cost calculator lets you quickly work out the annual fuel costs between two cars (petrol and diesel, or otherwise). Firstly, click the Add another car for comparison option, then add the fuel economy figures for two cars and your annual mileage (most Which? members drive about 9,000 miles each year). Current fuel prices can be looked up on sites such as the AA (, - or check your local garage.

But there's more to consider than just fuel costs. For the full lowdown on whether you should invest in a petrol or diesel car, here's our dedicated guide on how to choose between petrol and diesel.