Bosch dishwasher guide


Bosch dishwasher guide

By Yvette Fletcher

Bosch is a popular brand, but do its dishwashers live up to expectations?  Discover whether a Bosch dishwasher is right for you.

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Bosch is a big name in the world of household appliances - head into any major retailer and you'll find dishwashers from the brand. But is popular the same as good? How can you be sure that this brand is the best choice for you?

We've tested an extensive range of Bosch dishwashers in the Which? test lab, and have found some models from the German brand that deliver fantastic results, while others disappoint. Our independent scientific tests see each dishwasher undergo a rigorous series of tests, allowing us to compare how well each model cleans and dries and whether it guzzles energy, makes a lot of noise or leaves unsightly watermarks on glassware and cutlery.

To find out how effective individual Bosch models are, head straight to our Bosch dishwasher reviews.

Which? verdict on Bosch dishwashers

In the table below, we’ve collated all our test results of Bosch dishwashers, plus our unique brand and reliability ratings, to bring you an at-a-glance guide to Bosch dishwashers. You’ll also find Bosch dishwasher pros and cons and our expert verdict on whether we think Bosch is the brand to buy.

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Bosch dishwasher overview table
Bosch dishwasher overview table
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How much do Bosch dishwashers cost?

Bosch offers various ranges of dishwashers with different corresponding price points. The cheapest model we've tested costs less than £250, while the most expensive costs more than £650. The cheapest Bosch dishwashers don't tend to do as well in our tests as mid-range and premium models, but Best Buys start at £280.

Use our guide to the best dishwasher brands to compare the merits of Bosch dishwashers against premium models from Miele and Neff, as well as affordable models from Hotpoint and Indesit.

Choosing the best Bosch dishwasher

Bosch makes both integrated and freestanding dishwashers in all three sizes (full-sized, slimline and compact) so there's a machine from the brand to suit every kitchen. Many Bosch dishwashers are white, but there are also stainless steel and coloured models available. Bosch has four main ranges, which all offer slightly different design features, technical add-ons, program flexibility and capacities, and prices.

Read all our reviews of Bosch dishwashers.

Bosch Series 2 dishwashers

These are the lowest-priced models from Bosch, although they still aren’t as cheap as those from affordable brands such as Beko or Hotpoint. Both full-sized and slimline models are included in this category, but neither are as easy to find as dishwashers in Bosch’s other three categories. Series 2 models are fairly basic – they aren’t Bosch’s quietest and they don’t tend to have features such as LCD displays or delay timers. Series 2 models usually cost between £250 and £350.

Bosch Series 4 dishwashers

Like Series 2 models, these models tend to be fairly simple – their control panels aren’t flashy and they don’t have as many features as  pricier models. However, they are designed to be quieter than Series 2 and to have more flexibility courtesy of more programs. They are priced between £350 and £450. Series 4 is the only range from Bosch to include all three dishwasher sizes – Bosch’s tabletop model is a little larger than a big microwave but can wash 60 items, making it worth considering for couples or small families who are short on space. Series 4 is also known as the ‘Classixx’ range.

Bosch Series 6 dishwashers

These models are designed to offer greater flexibility and to use less energy and water than Series 2 and Series 4 dishwashers. Once again, both full-sized and slimline models are included. Series 6 dishwashers have sensors that adjust the wash program to suit your dishes, as well as helpful features such as child locks. Series 6 is also known as the ‘Exxcel’ range, and its models cost between £550 and £650.

Bosch Series 8 dishwashers

This is Bosch’s premium dishwasher range – models usually cost between £650 and £850. Series 8 dishwashers have a high-resolution display, capacity for a greater number of dishes, sensor wash and all of the helpful features found in the other Bosch ranges. Series 8 only includes full-sized models and is also known as the ‘Logixx’ range.

Several Bosch models have aced our expert tests, including both affordable and premium models. To find out which are the best Bosch dishwashers, head straight to our list of Best Buy dishwashers.

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