Neff dishwasher guide


Neff dishwasher guide

By Yvette Fletcher

Neff specialises in mid-priced, built-in dishwashers. But are they any good? Find out whether a Neff dishwasher is right for you.

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Neff specialises in the kind of dishwashers designed to be hidden behind your kitchen cupboard doors. It has both fully and semi-integrated models.

Neff models are popular with Which? members. But how do they compare to other brands when we've put them to the test under tough lab conditions that include cleaning, drying and energy tests? Is a Neff dishwasher going to be a best buy for you?

Which? verdict on Neff dishwashers

Below we've collated all our test results for Neff dishwashers, plus our unique brand and reliability ratings, to bring you an at-a-glance guide to how good they actually are. 

Or you can go straight to our Neff dishwasher reviews.

In the table below, you can find out how many of the brand's current models are Best Buys, as well as its pros and cons, to help you decide if a Neff dishwasher is right for you. 

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Neff dishwasher overview table
Neff dishwasher overview table
Number tested 9
Number of Best Buys
Average test score
Score range
Brand reliability rating
Customer score
Should I buy one?


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How much do Neff dishwashers cost?

Built-in dishwashers are often pricey, and Neff models are no exception. The ones we've tested cost between £370 and £700. But you don't have to stretch yourself to get a great dishwasher - we've found Best Buys for less than £400.

Some of the Neff models we've tested have scored highly, but this isn’t true of all of its dishwashers - one scored just 43%, and this was one of the more expensive models.

Find out which Neff dishwashers have become Best Buys by seeing all our Best Buy dishwasher recommendations. 

Choosing the best Neff dishwasher

Full-sized dishwashers from Neff usually have the capacity for 12 or 13 place settings (full-sized models with capacity for up to 15 place settings are available from other brands). Semi-integrated models usually have a white or silver panel.

Neff dishwashers usually have helpful features that make life a bit easier, such as delay timers and child locks. Check the technical specifications page in our Neff dishwasher reviews to see which features each machine comes with.

You can contact Neff by calling its customer support line on 0344 892 8989, or via its website:

You can compare Neff dishwashers and customer ratings with all the other dishwasher brands we've tested by visiting our guide to the best dishwasher brands.

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