Which? Best Buy dishwashers

Best Buy dishwashers can be relied on to leave dishes sparkling clean and bone dry. These models aced our expert tests.

It's no good buying a dishwasher that is as cheap as chips if it can't wash and dry dishes properly. Which? has tested hundreds of dishwashers to find the ones that will make your life easier. Our Best Buy dishwashers can be relied on to leave your dishes gleaming.

  • We test models from big brands like Beko, Bosch and Miele
  • We assess how well they clean and dry as well as how easy they are to use
  • We provide estimates of how much each model will add to your utility bills
  •  Detailed reviews and specs will help you choose the best dishwasher for you.

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Want the best dishwasher?

Washing dishes is a job that most of us are keen to avoid, and our Which? expert tests make sure that the dishwasher you're buying won't leave you hovering over a sink to wash everything a second time by hand. Picking a dishwasher with the Which? Best Buy logo means buying a model that excels at washing dishes - so you won't have to.

  • We load dishwashers with filthy dishes and cutlery, to see which ones are great at their job and leave items sparkling at the end of the cycle. 
  • We know you want your clean dishes to be dry when you come to empty your dishwasher, so we test how well each machine dries in our lab
  • We also record how much energy and water each dishwasher uses to do its job.

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