Reliable dishwasher brands


Reliable dishwasher brands

By Yvette Fletcher

We reveal the most and least reliable dishwasher brands, based on the experiences of thousands of dishwasher owners.

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At Which? we rate each of the major dishwasher brands for reliability, so we can guide you to the brands that should provide you with years of uninterrupted service and help you avoid those that are prone to developing faults and needing expensive repairs. 

While some dishwasher faults, such as draining problems, can be quick to fix, others can spell the demise of your dishwasher.

Our reliability ratings below are based on the experiences of nearly 3,000 Which? members who responded to our survey about their brand of dishwasher. The results cover 10 of the most popular brands, including Bosch, Hotpoint, Indesit, Miele, Neff and Siemens. Once you've discovered the most reliable brands, go straight to our in-depth dishwasher reviews to find the best model.

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Dishwasher brands rated for reliability
Dishwasher brands rated for reliability
Brand Score Reliability score


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How dishwasher brands compare

Dishwashers are a reliable product when compared with other home appliances, with an overall reliability score of 73%. But there's still a clear difference between the best and worst brands - while four brands score 80% or more for reliability, other big brands aren't so successful. 

Bosch dishwashers seem to be a popular purchase, with more than 45% of dishwasher owners who responded to our survey having chosen this brand.

85%The reliability score for the dishwasher brands with the best reliability record.

We calculate our reliability scores based on the proportion of dishwashers with problems per brand in our customer survey. The results are weighted so that more-serious problems account for more of the score, and we adjust the scores to account for the age of the dishwasher, so that older models don't unfairly influence the score. 

Our star ratings in the table show a dishwasher brand’s reliability when compared with other dishwasher brands.

Common dishwasher problems

When we surveyed Which? members about the problems they'd encountered with their dishwashers, these were reported the most often:

  • 22% cleaning
  • 16% draining
  • 11% electrical fault
  • 10% program failure
  • 9% poor drying

Dishwasher repairs 

We've investigated what to do about some of the trickier problems you might encounter with your dishwasher, surveying 106 appliance repairers about what advice they'd give for fixing faults with dishwashers and other home appliances.  

A cracked spray arm that’s causing the dishwasher to not clean properly

Repairers’ advice Repairers were most likely to recommend getting a professional to repair it. One said: ‘It’s easy to damage the replacement part if you don’t know what you’re doing,’ and others also stressed the importance of doing the job correctly. 

Cost of professional repair Around £65. 

Our advice Check the instruction manual – it should explain how to fit a new spray arm yourself. If not, get a repairer in. 

Broken glass blocking the pump so the dishwasher doesn’t drain properly

Repairers’ advice Getting it fixed professionally was recommended by more repairers than replacing or doing it yourself. ‘If it’s not done correctly it could cause more damage to the dishwasher,’ said one repairer.

Cost of professional repair Around £55.

Our advice You might be able to see and easily remove the glass causing the blockage by lifting the main large filter under the bottom spray arm. If you can’t see any blockage or can’t get it out, call a repairer.

An electrical fault with the door switch, so the dishwasher won’t turn on even when the door is closed

Repairers’ advice Slightly more repairers advised getting it fixed professionally than replacing the entire machine. ‘Securing the door is important, so brand new door locks would be the best option,’ said one who was in favour of replacement. 

Cost of professional repair Around £70. 

Our advice Consider a replacement if the machine is old – otherwise, get a repairer to fix it.

Dishwasher reviews you can trust

As well as rating dishwasher brands for reliability, we independently test and review dishwashers from the biggest brands and cheaper own-brands at the Which? test lab. We test full-sized, slimline, fully integrated and semi-integrated models, as well as the smaller compact type. 

We test each model's washing and drying, energy use, water use and ease of use. So when a dishwasher does brilliantly in all of our tests, you'll know it will be great when you get it home.

Which? is independent - we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We don't take advertising and we buy all the products that we test ourselves, so you can be confident that our reviews will help you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes.

Reliability is just one of the factors we take into consideration when rating dishwashers. Discover which ones aced our tests when challenged to remove tough dried on food by visiting our Best Buy dishwashers page.

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