Reliable freezer brands


Reliable freezer brands

by Jess O'Leary

Buy a freezer brand you can rely on - our reliability profiles are based on what thousands of Which? members think about their appliances. 

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Most and least reliable freezer brands

Our survey of 1,726 Which? members has revealed the reliability record of their freestanding, built-in and chest freezers. We've unearthed minor niggles, such as a faulty light, as well as major problems with the compressor, which could mean buying a new freezer. 

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We've got reliability profiles for 14 of the biggest freezer brands, including Bosch, Beko, Hotpoint, Miele, Siemens and Zanussi. These scores will help you see which brands are more likely to live a long and fault-free life compared with others. 

The best freezer brand scores an incredible 99%, while the second-highest scores 93%. Both of these brands earn an impressive five stars for reliability on the Which? rating scale. But two brands - including one of the labels listed above - are so poor by comparison they score 74% and 71%. This works out as a dismal two and one stars, respectively.

We've locked up the brand names in our table, below. Which? members can log in to see the full results and unlock the table. Not yet a Which? member? Take out a £1 trial to Which? for full access to these results and all our online reviews.

Fridge brands rated for reliability
Freezer brands rated for reliability
BrandValue for moneyReliability ratingReliability score
Table notes
All ratings based on responses to a Which? member survey of 1,726 freezer owners in September 2015.
Sample sizes Neff 43, Bosch 277, Miele 77, Siemens 34, Whirlpool 66, Liebherr 33, Zanussi/Zanussi-Electrolux 110, Beko 299, Lec 50, John Lewis 107, Electrolux 36, AEG/AEG Electrolux 56, Hotpoint 226, Frigidaire 40.


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How freezer brands compare

Our reliability scores show there's a big difference between the trustworthy brands at the top of the table and the questionable ones at the bottom. As appliances go, freezers are one of the most reliable types in your kitchen, and our top-scoring brands are a testament to this. Whereas the three brands that score two and one stars stand out as a lot less reliable by comparison. 

We've also uncovered a top-scoring brand (93%) that gets an appealing five stars for value for money, meaning it's possible to choose a brand you can depend on without paying a fortune.

Freezer reliability scores are calculated by the proportion of a brand's machines that have faults, against those from the same brand that don't. The faults are weighted, so more serious problems have a greater effect on the score. The star rating shows a brand’s reliability when compared with others in that category. So that newer or older models don't influence the score unfairly, we adjust scores to account for age.

Common freezer problems

Some freezer faults are common but easily fixed - for example, a broken light can be replaced and a blocked drainage pipe can be cleared. But some major problems are irreparable and will signal the death knell of your freezer. We've rounded up the top three freezer faults reported in our survey:

  • Drawers or flap-lids cracked or broken - 29%
  • Build-up of ice in a frost-free freezer - 12%
  • Freezer not maintaining the correct temperature - 11%

Reliability and Best Buys

A freezer can qualify as a Best Buy if its brand scores at least three stars in our reliability survey, or if it has a free five-year warranty. 

But even though the brands do differ when it comes to reliability, we know from our research that freezers are generally reliable. The overall average reliability rating of freezers is 84% - this is more than washer dryers, for example, which scores 69%. 

Unless we know a brand has a poor track record for similar appliances, we allow freezers to be Best Buys if we don’t yet have a reliability rating. If the brand has a poor record, we won't allow its freezer to be a Best Buy.

You can see a full list of models from reliable brands that excel in our tests in our section on Best Buy freezers.

If a brand has a poor reliability record, we won’t allow its freezers to be Best Buys.

Freezer reviews you can trust

There's a big difference between the freezers you can buy. The best ones will freeze fast so your food is as fresh and nutrient-packed as possible when you defrost it, and its temperature won't change when the outside room temperature rises and falls. But the worst cost a fortune to run and take ages to freeze, leaving food languishing at too-warm temperatures for longer than necessary.

When we test freezers we carry out dozens of checks, tests and measurements in our temperature-controlled test chamber to see just how good each one really is at freezing food. You can use our in-depth results to make sure you buy the best freezer for your kitchen.

Read reviews of popular brands, including: AEG, Hotpoint, Indesit, Miele and Siemens.

Which? is independent - we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We don't take advertising and we buy all the products that we test ourselves, so our advice helps you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes. 

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