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Most popular record player and turntable brands

By Zoe Galloway

Great record players have unrivalled sound quality and are well-built. We reveal how popular record player brands fared when we put them to the test.

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We test hundreds of audio products every year to make sure you know what’s worth buying and what’s not. Our record player tests consider everything from sound quality to how easy a model is to set up and use, so you know what to expect.

In this guide we compare the most popular record player brands, such as Crosley, GPO and ION, and reveal if they're worth buying based on our exhaustive tests.

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In the table below, we reveal the average test score for the most popular record player brands. This is so you can see at a glance if they're worth buying and how they scored in comparison to other brands we tested. Scroll down for more information on individual brands.

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Brand Average test score Brand verdict


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Table notes: Scores and verdict checked November 2016. 

For a more detailed description of popular record players, see the brand descriptions below.


Thanks to their popularity, Crosley record players are being sold by a growing number of retailers, from Currys to Urban Outfitters. It clearly has a passion for all things retro - Crosley provides many affordable replicas of classic players of yesteryear (think Technics, Dansette and more). Aiming to appeal to a range of budgets, tastes and ages, the latest Crosley turntables incorporate technology such as iPod docks, MP3 capabilities and even Bluetooth. 


GPO record players may have caught your eye if you’re looking to have fun with your old vinyls, transfer your record collection to a USB stick, or just want to see whether the modern vinyl scene is for you. Like Crosely, GPO has tapped in to the trend for record player nostalgia, and its record players are a mix between retro designs and modern detail that appeal to both young and old. 


ION is a comparatively new brand, having only been created in 2003. Its vision is to bring the classic and the cutting-edge together, and to this end it has launched a series of USB turntables, helping vinyl enthusiasts convert their records into digital formats. Along with the reasonable prices, this has made ION a popular choice among those looking for a new record player.


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