Best 32-inch TVs


Best 32-inch TVs

by Andrew Laughlin
A 32-inch TV is great choice if you don't want your television to dominate your living room. We show you how to buy the best 32-inch TV.

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Why choose a 32-inch TV?

Despite TV screen sizes getting ever bigger in recent years, 32-inch is still the preferred option for many people shopping for a new set for their living room, or an additional TV for a bedroom, kitchen or study.

If you'll be watching television mostly in standard definition, a 32-inch TV is best viewed from about two and a half metres away. In high definition, such as on Freeview HD television or Blu-ray films, you can get even closer, with about two metres considered ideal.

There are 32-inch TVs available to suit all needs and budgets. Log in or sign up to Which? to see the great models featured in the table below, or head over to our TV reviews for even more choice.

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Well worth considering thanks to its affordable price, this budget television has impressive picture quality and useful features, such as smart TV.

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If you want a premium TV without breaking the bank, then this 32-inch set should be on your shortlist. Picture quality is great, particularly on Freeview TV through the built-in tuner.

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This television may be basic, but it’s great at what it does. Its picture quality is surprisingly impressive considering its wallet-friendly price.

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What makes a good 32-inch TV?

  • Top picture quality: Don't compromise by settling for poor picture quality on your new TV. The best 32-inch TVs will dazzle with lots of detail, display vibrant but natural colours and show clean-looking images on everything you'll watch.
  • Full HD display: To get the best possible picture quality, go for a 1080p, or Full HD, TV. An HD-Ready set will let you view HD content but it typically won't be as good as a Full HD model. New 4K TVs are available, but they're mainly in sizes of 40-inches and over.
  • Built-in HD tuner: You'll need HD content in order to enjoy your high-definition display to the full. Go for a 32-inch TV with a built-in Freeview HD or Freesat HD tuner, allowing you to get subscription-free digital TV channels. Some TVs even have both.
  • Smart-TV features: Not essential, but smart TV is certainly a nice bonus feature. It may add to the cost of your TV but it's useful to have online apps, such as catch-up TV services and film streaming, on your TV. Head to our What is smart TV? guide for more.

Other things to consider

  • Menu navigation: Menus and smart-TV features are often optimised for big screens, and so don't always look great on smaller ones. It can be trickier to spot and click on icons on TVs of 32-inch in size, and you usually won't get a special smart-TV remote included that can make navigation easier.
  • Sound quality: Although standards are improving, modern TVs aren't known for the kind of top-notch sound you'd hear on your home hi-fi. If sound is important to you, consider adding a sound bar or home cinema system.
  • Cinematic experience: With 40-inch, 50-inch or even larger sizes now common, a 32-inch TV can now seem rather small when you get it home. Don't be tempted into buying too big a TV for your needs, but consider carefully whether you may want to up your screen size to get a more cinema-like experience.