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Easy-to-use televisions

By Zoe Galloway

We've selected three great TVs that are also easy to use. Perfect for anyone who values superb picture quality and great sound.

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If you're finding it a bit harder to switch TV channels on the remote or hear your favourite programmes these days, a poor-quality television is only going to make matters worse.

We've pulled together a list of great televisions - most are Best Buys - that also excel at being easy to use. You'll find it a breeze to live with these stylish sets day-to-day, and you'll enjoy fantastic picture quality for years to come.

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Television Our verdict Picture quality Sound Score

Pros: Superb picture quality, outstanding sound, great features, separate connections box, standard remote is well-labelled, easy to set up and use. 

Cons: Narrow viewing angle, only quick-start guide available rather than a full manual. 

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Pros: Top-notch picture quality, decent sound, great features, attractive price, easy to tune channels and sort into your favourite order, simple to set up. 

Cons: Smart TV functionality not great to use with the standard remote.

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Pros: Great picture quality, good sound, excellent range of features, easy to tune, simple to set up and use. 

Cons: Smart TV functionality a little tricky to navigate with the remote. 

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Table notes: Availability checked March 2016.

Easy-to-use TVs: great features to look out for

Audio description

Usually accessed via your remote or the TV guide, audio description (AD) offers additional narration of TV shows by describing significant visual information, such as body language and scenery. Most major channels now have AD on at least some of their programmes. Some TVs allow you to select AD to be heard only through your headphones so other viewers don't have to listen to it.


Also activated via the remote, subtitles are now widely available on TV shows. The BBC channels offer subtitles almost universally, and ITV, Channel 4, Sky News and Channel 5 aren't far behind. TVs that can record should capture subtitles (and AD) when you record programmes that have them.

Voice enhancement

If you have problems distinguishing voices from background noise such as music, many TVs offer voice-enhancement software that sharpens up speech so it's easier to hear - such as Samsung's ‘clear voice’ feature.

Dual remotes

All TVs come with a standard remote, but some smart TVs have an additional remote designed for use with apps and a web browser. They often have mouse-style cursors, trackpads and voice control to make getting around the smart TV features easier - although we've found that it often takes practice to use one for everyday tasks.  

Voice guidance

Found on Panasonic TVs, this reads out text written on screen, such as programme info on the TV guide or even web pages. Voice guidance is useful if you struggle to read on-screen text, although we'd like it to be more widely implemented on Panasonic's help menus.

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Easy-to-use televisions - our research

Based on our expert product testing, we've filtered all our television reviews to bring you the sets that score highly for ease of use factors, and have fantastic usability features.

If you’re finding daily tasks - such as switching channels on the remote or making out voices in TV programmes - a bit more of a struggle than before, these televisions can make life easier. They all score more than 71% and the majority are Best Buys, so you're not compromising on quality, either.


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