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Energy-efficient washer-dryers

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Energy-efficient washer-dryers


Always wash a full load in your washer-dryer for maximum water and energy efficiency

Combining two functions in one appliance can make washer-dryers costly to run - if you're unlucky enough to buy one of the least efficient models, it can add more than £130 to your electricity bills each year. Use the table below to chose an energy-efficient washer-dryer that will cut your bills and save you money.

We currently have independent reviews for more than 90 washer-dryers on the Which? website, but only the ones that both wash and dry quickly and thoroughly will become Best Buy washer-dryers

Top energy-efficient washer-dryers

Washer-dryers can be rated up to A+++ for energy saving, but our tests show that different machines can vary wildly on the energy they use. Since washer-dryers have just one energy label - which covers washing and drying - you can’t compare them directly with energy labels on washing machines and tumble dryers. 

We calculate how much washer-dryers cost to run as part of our in-depth testing. Read our guide to find out more about how Which? tests washer-dryers. If a machine comes along that combines Best Buy cleaning performance with low electricity and water consumption, we award it our prestigious Energy Saver Logo. 

Which? members can log in to reveal our Energy Saver washer-dryers in the table below. If you’re new to Which?, you can sign up for a £1 trial to unlock the table and get instant access to all our reviews.

Energy-efficient washer-dryers
What it
looks like
Washer-dryer make and model Maximum wash and dry capacity Annual running costs Score Best Buy?


Subscriber only content 3kg £57 75%

Not only is this one of the most energy-efficient washer-dryers that we've tested, it cleans and dries well too. And those with sensitive skin can rejoice - this machine's excellent rinse removes almost all detergent residue from the clothes.

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Subscriber only content 6kg £101 73%

It's the supreme cotton wash that most impressed our testers about this machine - it's to be applauded for being thorough and fast. But this machine also dries better than a lot of the models we've reviewed.

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Subscriber only content 7kg £116 73%

The large drum in this washer-dryer can cater for more clothes than average - perfect if you've got a large family. And if you've got a lot of woolies to wash, its gold Woolmark certificate allows you to clean items reserved for hand wash only.

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Subscriber only content 3kg £74 62%

This machine dries clothes quickly and evenly. But our experts also liked the array of features, including a fluff-removal program, foam-detection system and start delay timer.

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Table notes: 'Annual running costs' is the sum of annual washing costs and annual drying costs

Water-efficient washer-dryers

It’s worth considering how much water a washer-dryer will use, as well as its electricity consumption. See our washer-dryer reviews to find washer-dryers which score four stars or more for water use.

The average washer-dryer uses a similar amount of water to wash as a washing machine (11.5 litres of water for every kilo of clothes washed), but you may not know that it also uses an average of around 6 litres of water per kilogram of washing for cooling during the drying cycle.

But the amount of water used by different washer-dryers varies considerably. We’ve tested a water-saving washer-dryer that uses just 2.8 litres of water per kilogram of washing during the drying cycle, compared with a water-guzzling model that gets through a massive 20 litres per kilogram. And we're starting to see some models that don't actually use any water whatsoever when drying.

Washer-dryer efficiency tips


  • Wash a full load: 40ºC cotton washes are designed to take a full drum’s worth of laundry, so always try to wash the maximum amount in each load to get the most value from the water and energy you’re using
  • Switch to 30ºC: Washing at 30ºC instead of 40ºC can save you money. Cleaning results for Best Buy laundry detergents designed for low temperatures during a 30ºC program were good


  • Fill the drum and try to fit the maximum load in your washer-dryer every time
  • Remove items from the drum between cycles - remember that the drying program will have a smaller capacity than the washing program, so some clothes will have to come out before drying
  • Fasten your bedsheet stoppers to stop smaller items of laundry getting trapped inside and remaining wet
  • Minimise use and make the most of good weather by drying your clothes outside instead of tumble drying them

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