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Best Buy washing machines

by Liz Ransome

These best washing machine picks are proven to deliver top-class cleaning every wash, be efficient, easy to use and last for years to come.

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Nobody tests washing machines as thoroughtly as we do at Which?. Every year we wash more than 1,750kg of laundry, so you can be sure that the best washing machines that we recommend will leave your clothes brilliantly clean.

Our tests also uncovered washing machines that are quite the opposite. We name and shame the poor-scoring washing machines that struggle to remove everyday stains as Don't Buys, to warn you against machines that leave traces of detergent on your clothes, are annoying to use and irritatingly noisy. 

We go to great lengths to test every aspect of a washing machine. 

  • We challenge each machine we test to remove tough stains such as blood, coffee, wine and grass, to see how much they can remove. A great machine can get rid of 85% of soiling, while a terrible one removes less than 60%.
  • We measure how much energy and water a machine uses so that we can provide estimated running costs for each machine - we've found A+ models that are more efficient and cost less to run than A+++ machines.
  • Our scores aren't just based on test results, but also unique reliability and customer scores from speaking to thousands of washing machine owners.

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The photo above shows some of the results of our stringent cleaning tests. On the right you can see an example of how a good machine tackles stains, and a bad one on the left. 

On each cloth, you can see the stain before a wash, and then below it how much was left after being put in a washing machine. Where all the stain was removed, you can only see the red outline indicating where the stain was.

How we uncover the best washing machines

We test washing machines using real-life scanarios to ensure you won't get any nasty surprises when you get a new washing machine home. 

Our tests use insight from washing machine owners and more than 50 years of our own washing-machine-testing experience, so that the best washing machines that we recommend truly deliver. We look at:

  • Cleaning: We specially prepare stains to ensure each machine is tested on the same tough stains. We repeat our cleaning test three times so we can be certain of a washing machine's performance.
  • Rinsing and spinning: We use a specialist dryer that spins at 2800rpm, roughly twice as fast as a typical washing machine, to measure how much detergent the washing machine's rinse cycle has removed. We also check how much water it drains out, too, so you know your clothes won't take ages to dry.
  • Energy use: During each of the three cycles, we measure how much water and energy the machine uses, what temperature the machine gets up to and how long the main and rinse programs take. We do this on the 40°C cotton setting, the one more commonly used, so you know our findings will be realistic.
  • Ease of use: Our panel of five experts rate everything from understanding the instruction manual and programming the machine to loading and filling the detergent drawer.
  • Noise: We rate how noisy a machine is, and whether those noises are particularly annoying or unpleasant.

A great machine can get rid of 85% of soiling, while a terrible one removes less than 60%

Every year we test dozens of washing machines from a huge range of manufacturers, including Bosch, Hotpoint, Miele, Boko and Indesit. We also include cheap and higher-end washing machines so you can choose the right one for your budget. 

Which? is independent – we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We don't take advertising and we buy all the products that we test ourselves, so our advice helps you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes.

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