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Using our handy product comparison tool, you can see the camcorders which have the exact features you're looking for. You can even select to see standard definition models if you're not looking for an HD camcorder.


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HD or Standard definition

High definiition camcorders take much better videos, but they come at higher prices.

HD or Standard definition High definition camcorders take much better videos, but they come at higher prices.

Select standard definition or high definition camcorders.

Built-in memory

Choose from flash memory or hard drive models. Almost all new digital camcorders also record to memory card.

Built-in memory type Hard disk and flash memory are different types of internal memory storage. Hard disk drives tend to offer larger memory capcities, but they have moving parts which have a small risk of damage if the camcorder is dropped. Flash memory storage has no moving parts, but tends to offer less recording capacity.

Select your preferred built-in memory type.

Built-in memory size The larger the memory size, measured in gigabytes (GB), determines how much footage you can store on the camcorder itself. For example, 32GB offers around four hours of HD recording, or eight hours of standard definition recording.

Select the size of the hard drive or flash memory.

Zoom and weight

The length of the optical zoom built into the camcorder, and the total weight of the device including batteries and strap.


Some models have touchscreen LCDs to control functions and focusing.

Touchscreen A touchscreen display lets you control some of the camcorders functions - for example, you can scroll through your videos, or even select the parts of the picture you want the camcorder to focus on.

Choose a model with a touchscreen LCD display.


Some models have an electronic viewfinder you can hold to your eye.

Viewfinder An electronic viewfinder can make it easier to record video - by holding the viewfinder to your eye, it's easier to hold the camcorder steadily. A viewfinder can also help when strong sunlight makes the LCD screen hard to view.

Choose a camcorder with a viewfinder or not.

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