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Recording format

The recording format used by the camcorder for storing footage on.

Recording format Flash-based camcorders rely on internal memory storage; some camcorders require the purchase of an additional memory card which can be removed

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Optical zoom

Optical zoom Not all pocket camcorders have optical zooms - those without have digital zooms, which sacrifice image quality as you zoom in.

An optical zoom lets you get closer to your subject by zooming the lens itself.


Resolution 720p and 1080p are both high definition resolutions - 1080p is the more detailed of the two, known as

The resolution determines how detailed your videos will be.

HDMI connection

HDMI connection Even some pocket camcorders with HDMI connections still require you to buy an HDMI lead.

Pocket camcorders with an HDMI connection let you connect to an HD TV for viewing videos in high quality.

Still photos

Still photos Not all pocket camcorders can take still photos - some only let you capture stills from videos.

Choose a camcorder that can take still photos or not.

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Add this product to the comparison basket Aiptek Pencam Trio HD Aiptek
Pencam Trio HD

Nov 2009
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1 pocket camcorders found

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