Home networking guide

Wireless routers: Home networking guide

  • Your hassle-free Which?¬†guide to setting up a wireless home network
  • Share music, photos and more between your computers
  • Take steps to keep your home network secure

What's in this guide

What is home networking and what do I need?

Networking your home computers is much easier than you may think - we show you how.

How to set up a wireless router

Use our step-by-step guide to help you set up your wireless router. Get your router set up correctly and you're halfway to setting up your wireless network.

Securing your home network

What steps should you take to make your home network secure? Read our guide to encrypting a network and adjusting a router's security settings.

Sharing files on a home network

A step-by-step guide to sharing files and folders on your home network, including how to set up a homegroup in Windows 7.

Solving home network problems

Having problems connecting to a home network? Our home network troubleshooting guide will help you to identify and fix the problem.

Using the network troubleshooter

Windows 7 includes a helpful Network troubleshooter than can figure out problems you're having with your network, and even repair them.

Networking your Mac

Apple Macs can learn to live on a PC-based wireless home network quite happily. We help you set it up with this step-by-step guide.

Home networking jargon explained

Solve common problems, and translate technical jargon - from AirPorts to Workgroups - into plain English, with our A-Z jargon busting guide.