Buy the best wireless router

Wireless routers: Wireless router buying guide

  • How to choose the best wireless router
  • Choosing the fastest and most reliable router
  • Wireless n, g and b explained
  • Routers for cable and ADSL broadband connections

What's in this guide

Wireless router basics

The key elements of a wireless network, and how a wireless router shares a broadband connection.

ADSL modem or cable router?

Pick the right type of wireless router depending on whether you have ADSL or cable broadband.

Wireless router speed and range

Wireless speed standards (b, g and n) explained so you know which router to choose.

Wireless router security

Wireless router security, USB sharing and USB and PCI wi-fi adaptors explained.

Wireless routers for online gaming

How to choose a wireless router to connect to your Wii, Xbox or PS3.

Wireless router buying tips

Get a free router bundled with your broadband, find out about wireless router brands or choose HomePlug.