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We test cameras from the best brands including Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, Fujifilm, Pentax and Sony. 

We don't only test compact cameras either - waterproof cameras, bridge cameras, superzoom models and DSLRs are also put through their paces with each digital camera undertaking a series of meticulous tests. 

Video guide: what makes a Best Buy digital camera?


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There are literally hundreds of digital cameras on the market at any one time, ranging from the most basic point and shoot to the most advanced digital SLR and choosing the right one for you is a very difficult decision to make on you found reviews of hundreds of the best cameras we clearly lists specifications and features of each camera along side easy to read star ratings that enable you to identify the best and worst performers.

The best performing cameras are awarded the coveted best buy award Browsing online is one thing, but to know the camera's right for you, you've really got it into your hands and come into a shop. Then you'll be able to tell tell how powerful that zoom is and how quickly the camera starts up. But what you won't able to tell is the all-important picture quality.

When we're testing digital cameras and we'll put them through a lab assessment which can take a matter of weeks to work out which are the best performing models and which aren't. We never look at the brand of the camera; we never look at price of the camera will even cover that information up for testers the only thing that matters is how well that camera performs in identical lab conditions to every other model that we put through.

A lot... of other magazines and websites will do image quality tests. Very often these assessments are done on computer processes. Now as well as using these picture processes We'll have an independent expert lab panel of assessors. Now, these assessors will actually look at the pictures and work out which are the best pictures.

where they're delivering on the color accuracy, where they're delivering on sharpness with reducing noise, you actually get a human element as well as a computer element judging which is the best picture quality. These days the video on a camera is just as important as the photo quality, so we've actually added lots and lots of video assessments to our still camera tests .

So we judge how smooth the video is when you are using even a compact camera or digital SLR or judge the video sound quality as well. Because very often you're getting a camera boasting that it does 1080p, Full HD video, it all sounds very impressive, but when you pull this thing out of your pocket and you try and record something with it, you get terrible sound so we're actually going to test that and tell what you'll get, because these are going to be your videos you're taking in day to day life, and our lab assessments can actually tell you what kind of video you can expect.

we also have member reviews for personal takes on each camera. These can be really usefully for letting you know what it's like to live with a model for a long time each review is link to a live processing page helping you find cheapest online retailer when you make your purchasing decisions makes our product comparison tool makes it easy to directly compare cameras and find models with the features that you need.

You can select, for example, cameras with touch screens Those with view finders and those that are waterproof. We also have a useful memory card capacity tool that'll allow you to calculate how many photos you can take at the certain resolution on a certain size memory card. Being able to take the perfect shot that captures the moment is the all important decision when choosing a digital camera, and our digital camera reviews will help you know which model is the one that's going to allow you to do that, so make sure you log in at

Digital camera reviews you can trust

Get past a camera's specification and find out which models we recommend for taking the best pictures with a £1 trial to Which?.

As well as measuring image quality, colour and resolution, we simulate real life situations to see how the digital camera handles less-than-perfect situations. We test digital camera image stabilisation, taking pictures in low lighting and measure how fast the shutter speed is to make sure you don't miss the action.

Which? Best Buy digital cameras aren't just about the most expensive, feature-packed models. We also award Best Buys at lower price points so that it's easy to find the best digital camera within your budget.

There are big differences between the best and worst digital cameras on the market. At Which? our experts test hundreds of digital cameras every year, so you can get your hands on a Best Buy digital camera and avoid those that are in danger of missing the magic moments.

  • Our testers take photos in bright and dark lighting conditions, with and without using the flash, to find the cameras that take the best photos whether you're at home, on your holidays or partying the night away.
  • We test the face detection on each camera to check it will keep your friends in focus even if they're at different distances from the lens. We also see how effectively the image stabilisation will counter movement from your hands.
  • Camera video functions are also put through their paces in different lighting conditions, to see how well a compact camera can capture video footage and audio.
  • New tests on rugged, waterproof cameras ensure that they can take knocks and bumps and won't leak when used underwater.
  • Tests on wi-fi connectivity have also recently been added to ensure they're easy for sharing photos with friends and simple for uploading to Facebook or YouTube.

  • Reviews of 133 digital cameras – compacts and superzooms.
  • 23 Best Buy digital cameras for great picture quality.
  • Reviews of digital cameras reviewed from 9 brands.

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