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The Canon PowerShot SX220 HS comes equipped with an impressive 14x optical zoom to get you closer than most other compact cameras, although it lacks the GPS functions its sister model the SX230 HS boasts. Our unique tests uncover if this compact digital camera has the quality to match its features.
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Specification criteria Specification
Test Date 1 June 2011
Resolution (Mp) The measured effective resolution, in megapixels. This sometimes differs very slightly from the manufacturer's claimed figure. 12.0
Maximum wide angle (mm) The smaller the wide angle number, the more you'll be able to fit into the shot - useful for landscapes and group photos. 28.0
Maximum tele zoom (mm) The larger the tele zoom number, the closer you'll be able to get to distant subjects when zooming the camera 392.0
Optical zoom magnification The maximum amount of magnification possible (eg 3x) 14.0
Size (wxhxd) (cm) 11 x 6.5 x 3.5
Weight (g) With lens cap, strap, battery and memory card. 210
Battery type Custom size rechargeable
Waterproof No
GPS Some cameras offer GPS-tagging, recording the exact global location of where you were when you took your shot. No
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Test programme We change and improve our testing and scoring procedure on an annual basis, so cameras tested in different years aren't directly comparable 2010 Test Programme
Recently tested No
Touchscreen Some cameras offer touchscreens which let you control functions and browse through pictures with your finger. No
LCD width (mm) 66
LCD height (mm) 37
Viewfinder All cameras have an LCD screen at the back. Only some have a viewfinder though (the little eyepiece you look through). Electronic viewfinders are more accurate than optical viewfinders. No
Direct Link to TV Allows you to connect your camera directly to the TV in order to view your photos and videos on a big screen. (a separate cable may be required) Yes
Compatible memory cards Digital images are stored on memory cards. Most digital cameras take one type of memory card only, but higher end ones can take more. SD;SDHC;SDXC
Video and sound
Video recording Camcorders are much better than digital cameras for video, but a good video mode on a camera can be a bonus. Yes
Video resolution Whether the camera can record high definition (HD) or standard definition videos. 1080p HD
Video zoom recording Not all cameras give you optical zoom (using the lens) during video recording. Optical zoom doesn't degrade video quality like digital zoom can. Yes
Picture settings
Scene Modes 16
Image stabilisation Image stabilisation sharpens images that might otherwise be blurry. A camera gets a Yes
Manual focus setting Yes
Shutter speed priority Whether you can adjust the shutter speed, with the camera simulataneously adjusting aperture so you get a good exposure. A camera shows Yes
Aperture priority Whether you can adjust the aperture, with the camera simulataneously adjusting shutter speed so you get a good exposure. A camera shows Yes
Face detection Yes
Max manually selectable ISO Setting a high ISO setting helps you to achieve good dim light pictures, without flash. On a few cameras however, the resolution of the picture is reduced (for example to 3.1Mp or below) so the picture may not be suitable for printing. A few cameras have variable ISO settings with no manual adjustment. 3200
Performance measurements
Start-up time (s) Switch on - time from camera off, until camera ready for taking pictures, monitor enabled, in seconds 2.59

Canon PowerShot SX220 HS

  • Launch date: Mar 2011
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