Digital cameras: Compare features & prices Samsung WB100 review

The Samsung WB100 has an excellent face detection feature that does a great job of adjusting the settings to keep your subject in focus. Our comprehensive tests find out whether it can produce the fantastic images needed to make it a Best Buy.
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Test criteria Rating
In use
Shutter delay The time it takes for the camera to take the picture, after you have pressed the button from a completely unpressed position (as opposed to a half-pressed position which cuts shutter delay considerably). Subscribe
Flash Subscribe
Monitor quality Subscribe
Ease of use Subscribe
Picture quality
Image stabilisation We measure the effectiveness of the camera's image stabiliser by judging pictures taken in trembling motion conditions and low light scenarios. We include this test even if the camera only offers Digital Anti-Blur rather than true mechanical stabilisation. The rating is for the sharpness of the image and the retention of picture quality. Subscribe
Focusing Subscribe
Low light picture quality We test the camera's picture quality in challenging low light, judging the amount of graininess and the camera's ability to focus sharply on its subject. Subscribe
Face detection effectiveness We test how to see if the camera's face detection can correctly expose and focus on individual faces within a shot. This is a new test added to our 2010 test programme. Subscribe
Overall picture quality An overall rating based on our assessment of the camera's picture quality in different light conditions and at different zoom ranges, taking into account sharpness, colour accuracy, contrasting, and any distortions that may be present. Subscribe
Taking videos
Video quality An overall rating for the camera's video quality in different light conditions, judging sharpness, smoothness of moving subject and panning shots, and colour accuracy. Subscribe
Video sound quality A rating for the recorded sound quality captured by the camera's built-in microphone. Subscribe

Samsung WB100

  • Launch date: Aug 2012
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