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The Goodmans GD11FVRSD50 is a medium-sized basic Freeview PVR that will tune into and record standard-definition Freeview channels, though not the high-definition channels offered by the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. It lacks some bells and whistles other models offer but does this Goodmans PVR get the basics right and is it easy to use?
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Specification criteria Specification
Review details
Test Date 13 December 2011
Recently tested No
Type The type of digital TV service the PVR delivers Freeview
Monthly subscription Whether there is a monthly subscription to a TV service or not No
High Definition Whether you can access channels in high definition or not No
Hard drive capacity (GB) How big the hard drive is, larger hard drives can generally store more recordings. 500
Max recording in SD (hours) The claimed maximum storage capacity of the PVR 250
Number of tuners 2
Number of USB ports USB ports can be used to playback media from a memory stick and plug in wi-fi adaptors 0
Wireless connectivity Whether the PVR can wirelessly connect to your home internet network or not, with or without a wi-fi dongle No
Ethernet connection Whether the PVR can connect via a ethernet cable to your home internet network or not No
PVR feaures
Record one channel/watch another This will allow you to record one channel while watching another Yes
Record two channels/playback a third Means you can record two programmes while playing back a third. Yes
Record two channels/watch a third live The most versatile PVRs allow you to record two programmes and watch a third live channel. The live channel has to be broadcast in the same group of channels (called a multiplex) as one of the recorded programmes. No
Full Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) An EPG displays on-screen listings for the next week for all available TV channels. Yes
Pause live TV This feature allows you to pause live TV. Yes
Pause and rewind Means you can rewind live TV at any time - before even selecting pause. No
Archive to VCR/DVD recorder This allows you to copy recoded programs to another format. Yes
Edit Edit features usually let you crop programmes and cut out adverts. No
Accurate recording Many of the latest Freeview playback PVRs continually update the information in their EPGs - so any schedule changes will be picked up when you record. Yes
Series link Record an entire series of programmes with the touch of a button. Yes
Conflict resolution If programmes to be recorded clash, the PVR will try to find an alternative time that one of the programmes is being transmitted and offer to record that broadcast instead Yes
Broadcast recommendations PVR will offer to record programmes of a similar genre that it thinks you'll like when you are programming a recording using the EPG Yes
Trailer booking You can book a programme to record by pressing a button while the trailer is being shown rather than only via the EPG No
Internet TV features
Demand5 No
Energy use
Power use when 'on' (watts) 6.5
Power use in standby (watts) 1.99

Goodmans GD11FVRSD50

  • Launch date: Sep 2011
  • Type: Freeview
  • Which? score: Subscribe
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