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The Sharp TU-T2HR32 PVR can store up to 120 hours of programming on its 320GB hard disk. Its twin Freeview HD tuners mean that it can record one live programme while watching another, or record two programmes at once while playing a third you've recorded previously. It can also record radio - but is it up there with the best PVRs we've tested?
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j.logsdon wrote:
Very poor design
This is an appalling machine. Apart from the noise, there are five main failings:1) It has a series of bright blue lights in the display which signify a few things but are not very informative. They show whether you are recording or not, pausing (when they flash) or playing back. That's about all - there is no display of clock, channel or any text/numerical fields and blue is a very aggressive colour which drags your eyes towards the machine at slightest excuse. Really annoying.2) The navigation is awful with no ability to create folders, sort programmes, rename or do any batch operation. There are few options and it is easy because it is so time consuming to organise your viewing for the disk to become quite full. The navigation is almost illegible on an SD TV.3) The remote control is rectangular and very poorly laid out, not intuitive at all. It is easy for example to pick it up the wrong way round. Info, text, and other buttons have to be search for visually so it is very slow to use.4) There have been a number of occasions when the box has frozen when pausing a programme and the only way to clear it is to switch if off and on at the mains.5) There is a UTP Ethernet connector at the back but no instructions as to what you can do with it either in the manual or online. It only refers to 'future use' which means they haven't got a clue.We bought this box because our Topfield PVR5800 died and we are expecting at some time to upgrade to HD. Compared to the Toppy, the machine is absolutely terrible. We are seriously considering trying to get our Toppy repaired and throwing this away.
30/5/2011 5:50 PM GDT

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