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Choosing the right ingredients: The future of food in Scotland - Which? response

In 2008 the Scottish Government stated ‘Our vision for food in Scotland is that it should make the nation healthier, wealthier and smarter with production making communities stronger and consumption respecting the local and global environment’

This vision was set out in their discussion paper “Choosing the Right Ingredients: The Future for Food in Scotland”, the aim of which was to help set the direction for a national food policy in Scotland.

This report is the Which? response to that consultation. It welcomes the development of a Scottish food policy and supports the intention to ensure a co-ordinated, holistic, more joined-up approach across Government and between stakeholders to ensure that food is healthier, safe and produced sustainably.

The report stresses the need for strong Government leadership to ensure that the policy makes a difference and asks for greater emphasis on the importance of putting the consumer first. This includes improving consumers’ ability to make healthier food choices. The food policy should also encompass some of the broader challenges that are facing the food supply chain, including issues that may be raised through the complex and global nature of the food supply chain, such as the introduction of new technologies and increasing food prices.

See our full report:

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