Green Deal loans reviewed: The Green Deal explained What's included in the Green Deal

Double glazing

You can pay for new double glazed windows and doors under the Green Deal

The following are home improvement measures that you can get under a Green Deal plan. The full list is available on the DECC website.

Heating and heating controls




  • Chillers
  • Energy efficient glazing and doors (eg double glazing)
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning controls
  • Hot water controls including showers and taps
  • Lighting fittings
  • Solar blinds, shutters and shading devices
  • Transpired solar collectors
  • Variable speed drives for fans and pumps
  • Waste water heat recovery devices attached to showers

Who are the Green Deal providers?

Any organisation can choose to be a Green Deal provider, assessor or installer, but they have to be authorised by registering to obtain the Green Deal Quality Mark. Visit DECC's website to check whether a company is authorised to offer Green Deal Services.

There are more than 120 organisations registered as Green Deal providers so far. They include: Anesco, Aran Services, British Gas, CarbonLow Group, Carillion Energy Services, Carrie Parisella Financial Services, Climate Energy, FITGAS, GHE Solar, GR33N, Grafton Group, Infinity Energy Organisation, Insta Group, Inteb Sustainability, Keepmoat, Kingfisher, Local Energy, MEB Total, Network Green Deal, Npower, Scottish Power, SSE, The Big Green Energy Company, Toriga Energy, Wilmott Dixon and Wolseley UK. 

Just over a quarter of Green Deal providers offer Green Deal Finance.

Not all Green Deal providers are profit-making businesses. Besides shops, small companies and energy suppliers, local councils and social housing providers may decide to provide Green Deals themselves or partner with Green Deals provided by others.

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