Lawn mowers: How to buy the best lawn mower

  • Petrol, electric and hand lawn mowers, plus rotary, cylinders and hover mowers explained
  • Match your garden size to the right type of lawn mower
  • Extra features worth considering, and typical prices

What's in this guide

Choosing your perfect lawn mower

Our guide to choosing the best lawn mower. Family lawn, small patch or a large meadow - find out which mower will keep your grass looking great. Contains video

How much does a good lawn mower cost?

Once you've chosen the right type of lawn mower for your garden, the next question is how much do you need to spend to get a decent model?

Buying the best cheap lawn mower

A cheap lawn mower doesn't have to be a poor lawn mower. Find out what to look for in a great budget machine.

Buying the best family lawn mower

If you've got a lawn that sees lots of use, you need a mower that can cope with anything. Find out what features will make mowing your lawn simple.

Buying the best petrol lawn mower

Petrol lawn mowers can be expensive so you'll want a machine that will make mowing a pleasure. Find out what features to look out for.

Buying the best battery lawn mower

If you're fed up with getting your corded electric mower tangled up in bushes and borders, read our tips on getting a great battery lawn mower.

Buying the best cylinder lawn mower

If you want an immaculate lawn, you will need to buy a cylinder mower. Find out what features to look for and which you can live without.

Buying the best ride-on and robotic mowers

Are you fed up with keeping a large lawn or garden in check? Consider investing in a robotic mower or a lawn tractor to take the effort out of mowing.

Do I need a petrol lawn mower?

The answers to five big questions you might ask if you're thinking of buying a petrol lawn mower for the first time.

Moving on from a hover mower

Fed up with your hover mower? If you're thinking of buying a wheeled lawn mower read our tips to help you choose the right lawnmower for you.