Fridge freezers: Fridge freezer energy costs

After central heating, cooling appliances like fridges and freezers are the biggest contributor to your energy bills because they’re left switched on round the clock. So it’s worth finding an efficient model to keep your bills down.

Energy running costs affect the true price of a fridge freezer - one that’s cheap to buy but pricey to power could work out more expensive in the long run.

To help you work out how costly each model is to run, we’ve developed this fridge freezer energy running costs tool. You can use it to compare how much fridge freezers cost to power over their lifetime with how much they cost to buy to find out which models are the best value overall. Compare the results with our Best Buy fridge freezer reviews to find the best model for you.

Fridge freezer running costs


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Energy-saving fridge freezers

All fridge freezers carry EU energy labels which give a good indication of how energy efficient different models are. Since 2012, all new models have had to have an EU rating of A+ or above. Find out more in our fridge and freezer energy labels guide. But the labels don’t tell you how much a fridge freezer will cost to run.

When Which? tests fridge freezers we calculate exactly how much electricity each model uses and what it costs to power. We’ve found differences of around £20 per year between the running costs of similar size models with the same energy label.

We award our Energy Saver logo to Best Buy fridge freezers which are in the top 20% for energy efficiency and have low running costs. Look out for it when you compare features and prices of different models.

Cross-reference running costs using the tool above with our in-depth fridge freezer reviews to make sure you find an energy efficient model that’s right for you.

But buying a fridge freezer with a top energy label and great running costs won’t save you money if it breaks down after a couple of years. The cost of repairing it will soon outweigh the energy-saving benefits. Based on surveys of thousands of Which? members, we’ve created reliability profiles of the top fridge freezer brands, including Bosch, Beko and Hotpoint. Check the results to make sure you choose a dependable fridge freezer so you can get the most out of your appliance.

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