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Updated: 17 Dec 2021

Top five cheap fridge freezers

From budget-friendly American fridge freezers to inexpensive integrated models, we round up the top five cheap fridge freezers for your needs.
Lisa Galliers
Fresh food in a fridge

Need a new fridge freezer but on a budget? Don't panic. The average fridge freezer costs around £700 but our testing has uncovered a number of models that are both great at the basics and cheaper than average.

To help you find the cheap fridge freezer for your needs, we’ve rounded up some top-scorers. So whatever type of fridge freezer you need, we can help you pick the perfect model for you and your kitchen - not to mention your bank balance.

Head to our fridge freezer reviews to see all the brands and models we've tested.

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Tables updated: December 2021 

Top cheap fridge freezers

  • 74%

    This fridge freezer has plenty of features, including a frost-free freezer, and the fridge is spacious with 145 litres of usable space, which is around eight standard bags of supermarket shopping. It did well in most of our tough tests, it chills and freezes rapidly, is great at keeping the temperature stable, it's really easy to clean and is very efficient. The thermostat isn't the most accurate, though.

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  • 75%

    This affordable big-brand fridge freezer is powerful enough to cool and freeze your weekly shop quickly, and is excellent at keeping temperatures inside stable. It's low electricity use means running costs are kept down – all of which make this fridge freezer a worthy Best Buy.

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  • 78%

    The average price of the American fridge freezers we've tested is £1,000, with the most expensive costing more than £2,000. This excellent frost-free model costs a fraction of the price. You should be able to fit 18 supermarket carrier bags of food in the spacious fridge freezer and you can count on this fridge to rapidly chill all of it, helping to maximise the freshness of your food.

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  • 81%

    This frost-free fridge freezer is outstanding. It aced our tough tests to earn our Best Buy recommendation. It’s a great home for your food thanks to its ability to chill and freeze rapidly. The thermostat is reliable and it's quiet and very efficient, too.

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  • 83%

    You can count on the fridge to keep your food fresher for longer. It chills extremely quickly, helping to prevent heat-loving bacteria from eating into the lifespan of your food. and it's more of the same in the freezer. It's one of the fastest freezers we've seen. It's also reasonable energy efficient and easy to use.

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For all our top-scoring models, check out our Best Buy fridge freezers.

Cheap fridge freezers to avoid

Nobody wants to waste hard-earned money on a rubbish cold appliance. And buying a below-par fridge freezer can cause you no end of hassle trying to sort out a new. Avoid the pitfalls of buying a terrible fridge freezer - check out our three cheap fridge freezers which you need to avoid. These will struggle to chill and/or freeze your food, and won't keep it evenly cool.

  • 36%

    This fridge freezer disappointed in three key areas - chilling speed, freezing speed and the reliability of its thermostat. We've made it a Don't Buy, meaning you should steer well clear. It's cheap, but it's not cheerful.

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  • 42%

    This fridge freezer actually has a good fridge, but the freezer is so poor, it's so inefficient and it has poor temperature stability in cold rooms that we've made it a Don't Buy. It's cheap, but it's one to avoid.

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  • 43%

    Although this freestanding fridge freezer is temptingly cheap, and easy to clean, it has such a slow freezer and is so energy inefficient, that it's definitely one to avoid. The chilling power of the fridge could also be a lot better.

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See our full list of Don't Buy fridge freezers.

Can I buy a cheap fridge freezer for under £150?

Stack of freezer bags in freezer.
Fridge freezers can cost less than £200 or more than £2,000 and, when they all have the same basic job of chilling and freezing your food, it’s reasonable to wonder where your money is going.

While it is possible that you might find a small under-counter fridge priced under £150, we think you need to spend at least £400 to get a decent fridge freezer. If your budget doesn't stretch to £400, shop carefully - of the 40 models we've tested priced between £250 and £400, we found 10 Don’t Buys.

Our current cheapest Best Buy fridge freezer is priced at around £399 and, as you can see from the models we've listed above, most of our Best Buy fridge freezers cost between £400 and £700.

Splashing out a bit more is still no guarantee of getting a good fridge freezer though. At every price point we’ve found fridge freezers that are inefficient, awkward to use and, most importantly, slow to chill and freeze meaning your food is less likely to stay fresh and flavourful. Be sure to check our reviews before you buy.

Filter our fridge freezer reviews to see models in your price range.

Can I buy a cheap American fridge freezer?

American-style fridge freezers are larger and bulkier than conventional fridge freezers and tend to cost more, too. Prices start at around £450 and go upwards to an eye-watering £2,000 or more. The models we've tested cost, on average, over £1000 per model. 

You don't have to have a celebrity budget to get a decent American-style fridge freezer though - we've found some Best Buy models that cost between £500 and £900 and our current cheapest Best Buy American-style fridge freezer costs £399 - we've seen poor-scoring standard fridge freezers that cost way more.

To find the best cheap American fridge freezer for your budget, visit our fridge freezer reviews and use the 'American' and 'Price (low to high) (Best Buy only)' filters.

Read more tips on how to buy the best American fridge freezer.

Where should I shop for a cheap fridge freezer?

Sales shoppers

While we'd encourage you to shop local and support your independent shops, in our experience cheap fridge freezer deals tend to be found online. Some of the best discounts we've seen are offered on older ranges as they start to sell through, usually around springtime, although the Covid-19 pandemic has put paid to some new launches. 

Don't forget to factor in the cost of disposing your fridge freezer, if you need to, and delivery costs. 

We scour the internet for the best fridge freezer deals each month. 

Is it worth repairing my old fridge freezer?

This will depend on how old your fridge freezer is and what's wrong with it. When we surveyed fridge-freezer owners about faults, the most common issues reported were cracked or broken drawers, blocked drains and outlets, and a build-up of ice in the fridge or freezer compartment. 

These type of issues can sometimes be rectified without needing to call in the experts. Read our news story on seven common fridge freezer faults and how to deal with them, or if you're in any doubt, check your appliance's instruction manual for a troubleshooting guide.

For more catastrophic faults, such as a broken compressor, which isn't as easily or as cheaply fixed, you may need to speak to the experts, check your warranty or make a call on whether it's actually worth repairing or not. If it's really broken, you may be better off investing in a newer, more energy-efficient fridge freezer.

Appliance beyond repair? Find out how to dispose of or recycle a fridge freezer.

Are cheap fridge freezers worth it in the long run?

Buying a cheap fridge freezer means you'll most likely get a basic model without many fancy features. Models at this price point may not be frost-free, so you’ll have to go through the hassle of defrosting them by hand every time ice builds up in the freezer, so frost-free is definitely worth investing in.

There are a number of other features which are also worth paying extra for - alarms are very useful, especially if you're prone to leaving the door open. And functions like quick-chill or fast-freeze are designed to help chill your food quicker, which is key to helping it stay fresher and keeping bacteria at bay.

Want to get a model that lasts? Find out which fridge freezer brand to buy.