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Updated: 16 May 2022

Fridge freezer sales in May 2022

Need a new fridge freezer? Our experts have handpicked the best deals on popular brands including Hotpoint, LG and Samsung
Which? Team

Whether you’re redesigning your kitchen or shopping for a new fridge freezer because your old one has broken down, a little research could save you hundreds of pounds.

Your fridge freezer is one appliance that has to be plugged in day and night, so buying wisely will not only save you money initially, but could also cut your energy bills. With new integrated, freestanding and American-style fridge freezers coming on to the market, there's plenty of competition between retailers and some good discounts on offer as they clear stock to make way for newer models.

But how do you spot a genuinely good deal? Not all price cuts are as attractive as they appear. Read on for our round-up of great fridge freezer deals this month – and how to find your own.

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Fridge freezer sales in May 2022

We’ve scrutinised popular retailers’ offers to bring you this shortlist of deals. The fridge freezers we’ve selected are all decent models, but they might not be Best Buys. All are available at a reasonable discount, though. 

Don't forget to factor in delivery costs: some of these appliances are very large and might need a two-person delivery.

We'd also suggest checking if the product is in stock before ordering. Some electrical appliance retailers might still be experiencing supply problems or delivery issues. 

You won't see many fridges with an A rating any more, because of the fridge freezer energy label changes that happened in 2021. To get an efficient appliance, we recommend you look for a D class (at least) on the new energy labelling system.

Cheap fridge freezer deals under £600

Samsung RB29FWRNDBC freestanding fridge freezer, £429

Samsung RB29FWRNDBC freestanding fridge freezer
  • We like: Quiet and frost-free 
  • We don't like: Not as well insulated as some fridge freezers

This fridge freezer's fridge compartment is larger than the freezer, so it's likely to suit households that eat more fresh than frozen food. There's also less storage space in the door than you might expect, because the large 4.5-litre water dispenser takes up a lot of room. This means you might struggle to store enough bottles upright. 

There are three drawers in the freezer and it also has some useful extra features, including separate digital thermostats and a fast-freeze function, which adds a boost of cooling power during the freezing process to help ensure your groceries stay as fresh as possible.

We've seen this model on sale for well over £500, but we've spotted it on offer this month for just £429 from the Samsung store on Amazon.

How good is it at keeping food properly chilled? Read our full Samsung RB29FWRNDBC review to find out. 

Buy it now for £429 from the Samsung store on Amazon (temporarily out of stock).

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Fridge freezer deals for £600-£900

Siemens KG36NXXDC freestanding fridge freezer, £668

Siemens KG36NXXDC freestanding fridge freezer
  • We like: Frost-free and full of useful features
  • We don’t like: Can be fiddly to clean

This is a striking-looking fridge freezer with a black stainless steel finish. It’s frost-free, so you'll never need to defrost it manually. It also has useful features such as a super-cool function, a child lock and door alarms.

Typically costing £700 or more, it's currently on offer for £668.

Read our full Siemens KG36NXXDC review for all the details.

Buy it now for £668 from AO or Boots Kitchen Appliances.

LG GBB72MCUFN freestanding fridge freezer, £829

LG GBB72MCUFN freestanding fridge freezer
  • We like: Built-in wi-fi, frost-free
  • We don’t like: Fridge interior traps dirt in some areas

This tall, freestanding fridge freezer has a striking matt-black finish that could help it take centre stage in your kitchen. It also has built-in wi-fi and it’s frost-free. 

Typically costing nearly £1,000, it's currently available for £829 from Appliance City and for a pound more from Currys.

Read our full LG GBB72MCUFN review to see if it's worth taking advantage of this deal.  

Buy it now for £829 from Appliance City and for £830 from Currys.

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Fridge freezer deals for bigger budgets

Samsung RB36R8899SR freestanding fridge freezer, £949

Samsung RB36R8899SR freestanding fridge freezer
  • We like: Packed full of features, plenty of space inside
  • We don't like: Awkward to clean

As you might expect at this price, this model is packed full of features, including a frost-free freezer, so you can forget about having to defrost it by hand. There are super-cool and fast-freeze settings to provide an energy-intensive burst of chilling or freezing power, and a vacation mode to help conserve energy while you're away and there's less fresh food in the fridge.

We've seen it on sale for as much as £1,300, but you can currently buy it from the Samsung store on Amazon for £949 – a decent deal on this high-end fridge freezer.

Read our full Samsung RB36R8899SR/EU review to see what we thought of it.

Buy it now for £949 from the Samsung store on Amazon.

Hotpoint HQ9 U1BL black American-style fridge freezer, £1,099

Hotpoint HQ9 U1BL UK fridge freezer
  • We like: Holiday mode, a setting that uses less energy when the fridge is empty
  • We don’t like: Fridge compartment has a few dirt traps

If you’re after a fridge freezer with plenty of space, this Hotpoint will do the job. With its flexible storage options, theatre LED lighting and touch display, it has a high-end feel.

A large fridge freezer like this is never going to be a cheap option, but this Hotpoint is down to £1,099, with around £400 off its usual selling price.

Read our full Hotpoint HQ9 U1BL review to see if it has the features you're looking for.

Buy it now for £1,099 from Appliance City.

Haier HB26FSSAAA silver American-style fridge freezer, £1,999

Haier HB26FSSAAA silver American-style fridge freezer
  • We like: Massive capacity makes it a good choice for larger households
  • We don't like: There are plenty of fiddly areas to keep clean, unfortunately

It's not a budget option by anyone's standards, but we had to include this deal as it offers a chunky £1,000 off the regular price of this American-style fridge freezer.

This premium Haier model offers plenty of space inside its two side-by-side doors and two drawers. It also has all the high-end features you'd expect, such as a fast-freeze function, door alarms and an holiday mode to help save energy when you're away. 

Read our full Haier HB26FSSAAA review to see if it's worth the money.

Buy it now for £1,999 at Currys.

Read our news story on why American fridge freezers can cost 50% more to run than regular fridge freezers.

Where to find deals on specific fridge freezer brands

Big high street and online retailers such as Amazon, AO.com, Argos, Currys and John Lewis tend to offer better deals than the manufacturers themselves.

To ensure you choose a model that you’re happy with, read our fridge freezer reviews. That way, you’ll avoid picking up a ‘bargain’ that turns out to be a dud.

Haier fridge freezer deals

If you’ve got your heart set on a multi-door or American fridge freezer, Haier makes a good selection and is widely stocked at stores including AO.com, Currys and John Lewis. A bigger fridge freezer means a bigger cost, though, so check all the major retailers’ websites to make sure you’re getting a competitive price.

Read our Haier fridge freezer reviews

Beko fridge freezer deals

Beko’s range of lower-priced fridge freezers is widely available at both high street and online-only retailers, including AO.com, Currys and John Lewis. You can’t currently buy direct from the Beko website, but if you do buy a Beko model elsewhere, it’s worth registering your purchase on its website within 90 days to extend your standard one-year guarantee to two years.

Read our Beko fridge freezer reviews

Fridgemaster fridge freezer deals

Fridgemaster fridge freezers are already pretty good value, so you’ll need to look hard to find a big discount. You’ll find the brand at cheaper retailers including AO.com, Appliances Direct and Argos. 

Read our Fridgemaster fridge freezer reviews

Samsung fridge freezer deals

It’s a brand more associated with TVs than refrigeration, but Samsung’s extensive range of fridge freezers is available at high street and online-only stores including Amazon, AO.com, Argos and John Lewis. You can also buy Samsung models from the brand’s own website, but this is often the most expensive route.

Read our Samsung fridge freezer reviews

When and where do fridge freezers go on sale?

When investing in a new model, you don’t always have to wait for the traditional sales periods to find a bargain. Some retailers have dedicated online deals pages where you can find year-round great prices on selected fridge freezers and other electricals. Try these pages for starters:

Which fridge freezer features are worth paying extra for?

Beyond the basics, there are a few features that are worth paying for:

  • Frost-free freezers stop ice building up in the freezer compartment, so you never need to defrost them.
  • Alarms on some models let you know if the door's been left open or the temperature has dropped.
  • Quick-chill and fast-freeze functions help to lock in the nutrients so your food stays fresher for longer.
  • Adjustable door racks help you to arrange the door storage to make the best use of the space.
  • Holiday mode saves energy when you aren’t using your fridge for storing a lot of fresh food.

Not sure what fridge freezer features to look out for? Read our guide to Fridge freezer features explained