Fridge freezers: How to buy the best fridge freezer Integrated fridge freezers

Integrated fridge freezer

Integrated or built-in fridge freezers blend in with your kitchen

Built-in or integrated fridge freezers sit behind kitchen cupboard doors to give a seamless look to your kitchen.

The best built-in models will chill groceries quickly to keep them fresher for longer, and offer plenty of storage space for fresh and frozen food. We reveal the pros and cons to help you decide whether a built-in fridge freezer is right for you.

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Integrated fridge freezers

Integrated fridge freezers have varying sizes of compartment. Most are similar in size to freestanding models – where the fridge is slightly larger than the freezer – but some have a huge fridge and a relatively small freezer.

If you’re looking to replace your built-in fridge freezer you’ll have to choose a model with the same fridge-to-freezer proportions as your old one. If you’re thinking of adding a built-in model to a new kitchen, below are the pros and cons to help you decide whether a built-in model is right for you. 

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  • Hidden behind a door so will blend in with your fitted kitchen.
  • Can be slimmer and more compact than other fridge freezer models.


  • Generally fewer models to choose from.
  • More expensive than equivalent freestanding model.

Inside an integrated fridge freezer

Inside an integrated fridge freezer

1. Digital display and temperature settings can help you keep your fridge freezer at the correct temperature. These come on higher-end models; most fridge freezers have simple displays and manual thermostat dials.

2. Adjustable fridge shelves let you configure the main fridge space as you want. Plus, you can use the space more flexibly – making room for large items, such as the Christmas turkey, when you need to.

3. Door racks are the ideal place for keeping bottles, cartons and jars, as well as delicate items such as eggs. Some have a covered compartment at the top for keeping diary products extra cold.

4. Lower door racks should be deep and tall enough to store large bottles or milk or fizzy drink which are too tall to stand up in the main fridge compartment.

5. Salad crisper drawers let you keep fruit and vegetables in one place. Some have two drawers so you can keep soft fruits and bulky veg separate. 

6. Transparent freezer drawers help you see what’s inside at a glance. Different-sized freezer drawers help you make the most of the space – larger drawers are ideal for awkwardly shaped or bulky items such as a joint of meat, while slim drawers help prevent smaller packets and tubs from getting lost.

7. Ice tray freezer compartments are ideal for storing ice cube trays flat.

Integrated fridge freezer sizes

Built-in models are designed to fit inside a standard 60cm-wide cupboard. They’re a standard depth and are typically 178cm tall, but do check as some are a few centimetres taller.

Integrated fridge freezer prices and brands

Most fridge freezer brands have a far smaller selection of integrated models, and these tend to be much pricier than freestanding fridge freezers. You can buy a cheap one for less than £250, but most cost upwards of £500, so expect to pay more to get a good one.

Brands of cheaper £400-and-under integrated fridge freezers include Beko, Candy, Hotpoint and Indesit. An AEG, Neff or Bosch model will set you back around £600 to £800, with top-of-the-range versions of these brands costing £800+.

At the premium end of the scale, models from Siemens, Liebherr and Miele can cost anything from £800 to £2,000.

Fridge freezer reliability

We’ve found that fridge freezers are less reliable than separate fridges and freezers, but they’re still more dependable than other kitchen appliances. To find out which brands are likely to stand the test of time, we survey thousands of Which? members about the reliability of their fridge freezers.

You can view our reliability ratings and customer scores to see which brands are likely to last, plus discover the brands you should avoid.

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