How to buy the best microwave

Microwaves: How to buy the best microwave

  • How to find a microwave oven suitable for your cooking needs
  • Combination microwaves, grill microwaves and microwave-only solo models explored
  • What you can and can't cook with a microwave
  • Key microwave oven features to look out for

What's in this guide

Microwave chooser tool

The Which? microwave chooser tool will help you find the solo, grill or combination microwave with the features you need.

Solo microwaves

Is a solo microwave model suitable for your cooking needs? We show you what this type of microwave typically can – and can't – do.

Combination microwaves

How does a combi microwave compare with a standard microwave model? Find out about the pros and cons plus key features and functions.

Grill microwaves

Take a closer look inside a grill microwave – what you can and can't cook with it, typical prices and main features to look for.

Built-in microwaves

Thinking of choosing a built-in microwave for your kitchen? We take a look at the pros, cons and typical prices of built-in microwaves.

Steam microwaves

Built-in steam functionality is the latest microwave innovation - but is it worth investing in a steam microwave now?