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The vented DRVT61W tumble dryer from Beko has an automatic anti-crease feature and a reverse-action drum, so we couldn't wait to see how its performance compares with other tumble dryers we've put through our tough tests.
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User Image wrote:
2011-08-11 16:55:23.677 wrote:
Excellent at a bargain price
We bought this because it was cheap but still had fair reviews. We were a bit anxious because we have tended to buy Miele and Bosch white goods. However, this is great - it dries quickly and I can often avoid ironing. Although some reviews said the door wasn't big and neither was the capacity, we have been pleasantly surprised (our previous dryer was 15 years old so may have low expectations). It is absolutely fine, easy to use and survives a family of 6 with no problems. It could be quieter (same volume as my previous machine - fine in a different room but probably not in the kitchen) and I would like to know exactly how much time is left instead of just a range - eg 1 - 40 minutes.
9/9/2013 6:25 PM GDT
User Image wrote:
chrisjw37 wrote:
It has worked longer than the Bosch, for half the price
It's a dryer!It was cheap because the Bosch failed after 4 years and was horrendous to repair.Beko surprised us by working nearly every day for 4 years+The belt has not come off.Try CPC for belts, they sell white goods parts on-line and they are cheaper than stores or the suppliers. Clone belts still work, just cheaper.
9/9/2013 5:58 PM GDT
User Image wrote:
armholes wrote:
Belt keeps coming off
I have been disappointed with my Beko DRVT61W tumble drier. There is a small poly V belt 4PHE226 that keeps coming off and seems to be of poor quality. This is not the drive belt but attached to it. A repair man said it was a common fault and he had repaired lots of them. I unfortunatley bought mine from Comet and can no longer have it repaired on guarantee. To make matters worse, I have now found out that the belt cannot longer be bought on it's own and is only supplied as a kit, which costs around £25. I wish I had not purchased this dier.
29/1/2013 6:26 PM GST

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