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Hoover's VHC680C tumble dryer has a 'refresh' cycle designed to freshen up clothes with a tumble in cool air, and a delicate cool setting designed for woollens. We were interested to see how the VHC680C condenser tumble dryer, with its large 8kg capacity, could dry a normal load when we sent it to our lab for testing.
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Specification criteria Specification
Test information
Test date 24 June 2011
Test information This dryer was tested before 2013 using our old test programme. For more information, choose 'How we test tumble dryers' from the left hand menu.
Type Vented dryers expel damp air through a hose, condenser dryers collect moisture in a reservoir. For more information on all the different types of dryer, see 'How to buy the best dryer'. Condenser
Maximum dryer capacity (kg) The maximum dry weight of washing that can be dried by the machine. 8.0
Maximum synthetics load (kg) For man-made fabrics, such as acrylics, which need more space to tumble dry without creasing. 4.0
Size h x w x d (cm) The dimensions of the tumble dryer. You need to leave some space around it and, in particular, avoid covering any vents. 84x60x61
Energy use
Energy label The energy-class given by the manufacturer for energy efficiency. 'A' is the most efficient, 'G' the least efficient. These depend on the program the manufacturer nominated to test. So, if youre concerned about energy consumption, check it against our energy measurements. C
Energy costs (£) Annual energy costs based on drying 3 full-capacity loads per week 121
Vent or condenser hose supplied Whether the dryer is supplied with an exhaust hose or plumbing hose for disposing of condensed water. No
Exhaust position The position of the exhaust air outlet, where the hose would be connected. N/a
Sensor drying Whether the dryer automatically senses when the washing is dry. Yes
Delayed start Whether starting the dryer can be delayed  useful if you want to take advantage of cheap-rate electricity. If the machine will be turned on while unattended, make sure a smoke alarm is fitted nearby. Yes
Empty water light Applies to condenser dryers only. It indicates when you need to empty the water reservoir. Yes
Reversible door Whether the door can be hung to open either to the left or to the right. No
Remaining program time display Whether the remaining time to the end of the program is displayed. On timer models, this can be read from the dial. Sensor models may have a digital display of the probable duration, and indicate which phase of drying they are currently engaged in. No
Check lint filter light Indicates when the lint filter needs to be cleaned. Yes

Hoover VHC680C

  • Launch date: Aug 2010
  • Type: Condenser
  • Which? score: Subscribe
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