Kettles: How to buy the best kettle Kettle and toaster sets

DeLonghi kettle and toaster set

The DeLonghi Icona Auto KB03001OB kettle and Icona CT4003.OB toaster

A matching kettle and toaster set can help add some style and colour co-ordination to your kitchen. 

Many popular kitchen appliance brands, such as Dualit, Breville and DeLonghi, make kettle and toaster sets, so there are plenty of matching models to choose from. Some brands go a step further and offer coffee machines, mixers and blenders that match kettles and toasters.

We've reviewed over 50 kettles you can buy a matching toaster for - some are shown in the gallery below. Or to simply see the best kettles and toasters visit our kettle Best Buys and toaster Best Buys

Where to buy cheap kettle and toaster sets

Shop online

Keep an eye out for cheap deals on bundled products from sites such as Amazon or eBay. Amazon often bundles 'frequently bought together' products or matching items at a slightly discounted rate, even pulling together items from different sellers.

Seasonal sales

The January sales, or during September - when shops try to tempt students heading to university to stock up on budget kitchen gadgets - are both good times to look for kettle and toaster-set bargains (see our guide to getting discounts on products for more seasonal shopping tips).

Check out our survey of electrical appliance shops to find out which are the best shops for buying kitchen appliances.


Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco have all branched into homewares and appliances - and supermarkets can be a good place to shop for low-cost, own-brand kettle and toaster packs from as little as £12.

Buying a kettle and toaster separately

It's not always cheaper to buy a combined kettle and toaster set, particularly if you spot one of the products on offer at a lower price. It makes sense to check the individual prices of each product before you buy a set - just in case. 

Which? test results show that Best Buy kettles won't always have an equally good matching toaster and vice-versa. It doesn't matter how great a kettle and toaster set looks if one of the products is a dud, so take a look at our kettle and toaster reviews so you can find a pairing that performs.

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