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Updated: 1 Jun 2022

Best kettle and toaster sets for 2022

Our pick of the best kettle and toaster sets to suit every budget
Rebecca Jakeman
Argos-toaster-kettle-set copper copy

A matching kettle and toaster set will smarten up your kitchen, but appliances need to do more than just look good on your worktop.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of kettles and toasters to find the rare sets that can deliver, so you can choose the style you like best and make you confident that your products won’t let you down come breakfast time.

Just want to know the very best options for your budget? See our round-up of the best kettles and best toasters.

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Best Russell Hobbs kettle and toaster set

Small appliance brand Russell Hobbs has been a popular choice for kettles and toasters for many years now. There are lots of matching sets to choose from, and they're not usually too pricey, but will they get breakfast on the table in a flash?

  • 81%
    • best buy

    This kettle is one of the highest-scoring models we've tested, impressing in near enough every area of our tests. It boils quickly and quietly, doesn't waste energy and will keep your morning cuppa flake-free - even if you live in a hard water area.

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  • 71%
    • best buy

    This stylish toaster will have breakfast ready in a flash, and produces beautifully even slices with no rogue burnt or underdone patches. You'll struggle to fit taller slices in without squashing them down, but otherwise we highly recommend it.

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See all our Russell Hobbs kettle reviews and Russell Hobbs toaster reviews to find out how other models compare.

Best textured/patterned kettle and toaster set

Looking for something a little different? A textured kettle and toaster adds a quirky sense of style to your kitchen, with unique shapes and patterns that are bound to stand out, even on the busiest worktops.

  • 78%
    • best buy

    Stylish textured kettles don’t have to be expensive, as this model proves. It’s energy efficient, quick to boil and won’t disturb the peace in the kitchen. It’s user-friendly, and the filter is effective.

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  • 77%
    • best buy

    You’ll love the toast from this two-slot toaster. It pops up beautifully browned slices in next to no time, and the well-designed crumb tray is easy to remove and replace for cleaning.

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To see which brands have dipped their toes in the textured trend, see all our kettle reviews and toaster reviews.

Best traditional kettle and toaster set

You can't go far wrong with a sleek, classic kettle and toaster, but you don't have to spend a fortune to get the look.

  • 73%
    • best buy

    If you're always gasping for a cuppa, this classic-looking model will deliver the goods in a very speedy 2 minutes 42 seconds. With its low minimum fill, tea for one is even quicker - you'll be waiting just one minute and 10 secconds.

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  • 76%
    • best buy

    This stylish toaster makes excellent toast in just over three minutes. You can squeeze in thick, toastie slices no problem, and it's very easy to use and keep clean too.

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See our top pick above, and see all the latest models in our kettle reviews and toaster reviews.

How to get the best deal on a kettle and toaster set

Matching kettle and toaster set

Shop around

It pays to shop around online for kettles and toasters. Retailers such as Argos and Currys often offer bundle deals that make the pair much cheaper than buying separately. It’s also worth checking Amazon for its ‘frequently bought together’ discounts.

Although a bundled deal is often your best bet, it makes sense to check the individual prices of each product before you buy, just in case a discounted item makes the pair cheaper.

Scour the seasonal sales

The January sales, or September sales – when shops try to tempt students heading to university to stock up on budget kitchen gadgets – are good times to look for bargain kettle and toaster sets. Older colour options or styles that are being phased out may be cheaper than normal.


Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco can be a good place to shop for low-cost, own-brand kettle and toaster packs from as little as £12. Paying less doesn't automatically mean you're stuck with a plain white plastic creation though. We've found some affordable, stylish options, including copper kettles and toasters. The quality of supermarket own-brand appliances varies a lot though, so check our reviews before you buy to avoid a dud.

Another way to keep costs down is to buy from a reliable brand. We’ve found that some kettle and toaster brands are prone to faults, so it's likely you’ll need to replace them every few years. For the products that go the distance, see our guides to the top kettle brands and top toaster brands.

The problem with matching sets

We test each kettle and toaster individually, even if they’re part of a matching set. We’ve discovered that more often than not, one appliance is far better than the other, or occasionally, they’re both terrible. 

In most cases, you're simply paying for looks over performance, and that only really works if you plan on using your kettle and toaster as decorative features rather than functioning appliances. 

That doesn't mean there aren't any good options out there at all though – sometimes you just have to look a little harder. Our reviews reveal the strong and weak points of every single kettle and toaster we’ve tested over the years, so you should always check them before making a final decision. That way, you can work out which features are more important compared to what you’re willing to compromise on.

Head to our round-up of the Best kettles for 2022 to see some of the highest scoring models we've tested.

Tips on mixing and matching kitchen appliances

If you're not willing to settle for anything less than perfect performance (and why should you?), you may have to compromise a little on the aesthetics of your kettle and toaster. These tips will help you to achieve a colour-co-ordinated look without being tethered to the same manufacturer or range:

  1. Consider a classic colour such as black, white or cream: This will make it easier to match high-performing kettles and toasters made by different brands. 
  2. Focus on overall appearance rather than specifics: Think retro-style, textured finishes or clean, modern lines – these are common themes in the world of small appliances so you won’t struggle to get your hands on a kettle and toaster in the same style. 
  3. Think about where you place your appliances on your kitchen worktops: If they’re not right next to each other, you’ll be able to get away with models in slightly different shades of the same colour rather than exact matches. 
  4. Embrace a slightly more eclectic look: Sometimes a deliberately mismatched kitchen can look even better than a completely uniform one – and it gives you complete freedom too.

How we test kettles and toasters

We've tested many hundreds of kettles and toasters over the years, so we know a thing or two about how to sort the best from the rest. Our tests are independent and objective: we test each appliance to the same standard so it's easy to compare across different models. 

We can tell you how fast each kettle boils, how noisy it is and how efficient it is, plus any annoying ease-of-use issues to consider. For toasters, we rate how well they brown each side of the slice, and how consistently they toast, as well as how quick they are and how well they fit slices of different sizes.

Find out more about our testing in How we test kettles and How we test toasters