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  1. 27 APR 2016
    The best wireless speaker we’ve ever tested

    Find out which wireless speaker is the first to break the 90% mark, claiming the top spot in our testing. From high-powered home systems to pocket-sized portables, there are wireless speakers of all shapes and sizes vying for a Best Buy award. To make the grade, they must combine pitch-perfect sound with complete ease of use.…

  2. 26 APR 2016
    Android N – seven key features

    Android N is on its way but what does Google have in store to make sure this operating system is a must have? Here are seven key Android N features. While some Android owners are still waiting for Android Marshmallow to appear on their devices, elsewhere attention is turning to Android N and what Google...

  3. 25 APR 2016
    Ultra HD Blu-ray – are you really watching films in 4K?

    Ultra HD Blu-ray is finally here, but are we getting what we’re paying for with the 4K discs available to play on them? This month Ultra HD Blu-ray finally reached our shores. First Panasonic released its DMP-UB900 and last week saw Samsung get in on the act, releasing the UBD-K8500. They may not have the...

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