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The new Bosch washer-dryer that ‘saves water’

New washer-dryer from Bosch with reduced water use
Bosch water saving washer dryer

New condenser technology means this Bosch washer-dryer could use less water

A new Bosch washer-dryer that claims to save water when tumbling clothes dry has been unveiled.

Unlike standard washer-dryers, the Bosch WVH28420GB Logixx washer-dryer claims to use no water during the drying cycle. It dries clothes in the same way as other washer-dryers, but instead of using a water-cooled heat exchanger, it uses the type of electrically-cooled condenser used in standard condensing tumble dryers.

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Water-saving washer-dryer

Which? washer-dryer expert Matt Stevens says: ‘Saving water matters to consumers and anything that manufacturers can do to help with this has to be a good thing. The Bosch WVH28420GB Logixx washer-dryer certainly looks interesting from a water-saving perspective. 

‘And Bosch looks to have moved on washer-dryer internal design some way to accommodate a standard condensing unit inside. We’ll be testing it in May 2010 and will publish the results and full review online in the summer.’

The Logixx WVH28420GB Bosch washer-dryer costs around £800 and is available online now. Our guide to how to buy the best washer-dryer has more expert shopping advice.

How washer-dryers work

Washer-dryers combine the clothes-washing functions of a standard washing machine with the ability to tumble clothes dry, in one machine. For a number of reasons, notably their reliability record, they haven’t had a good reputation in the past. 

Another problem that’s faced washer-dryers is the amount of water they use, particularly when drying clothes. Standard condenser tumble dryers use a cooled heat-exchanger to change warm damp air from the drum into water which can be captured in a reservoir and poured away at the end of the cycle. But washer-dryers, with two sets of technology in one machine, are more cramped inside and instead use cold water to chill the heat-exchanger – this means that they use water to wash and to dry with.

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