Best and worst used MPVs for reliabilityWhich? reveals the most reliable used MPV

02 January 2013

Honda FR-V

The rise of the MPV has been a remarkable one - at one stage, MPVs almost looked like wiping out all other classes of car. Most MPV buyers are looking for a practical and flexible car for a large family or luggage, but one factor that shouldn't be forgotten is reliability. 

The latest Which? Car Survey - completed by 39,292 people - uncovered huge differences between the most reliable and least reliable used MPVs. For examples, the least reliable ones cost on average nearly £200 per year more on repair costs than the best ones.

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Most reliable used MPV: Honda FR-V (2004-2009)

The most reliable MPV aged 4-8 years old, as voted by survey respondents, is the petrol-engined Honda FR-V, with an impressive reliability rating of 89.7%. Made between 2004 and 2009, the FR-V is a highly practical mid-sized MPV, solidly built both inside and out. 

This six-seater is a proven workhorse, more compact than most seven-seat MPVs because it seats three people abreast in each of two rows, rather than three rows. Its layout gives you a permanently large boot and plenty of space for passengers.

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Least reliable used MPV: Renault Grand Scénic (2003-2009)

Renault Grand Scenic

Although very practical and versatile - particularly its 495-litre boot - the Grand Scénic is the least reliable used MPV as voted by owners in the Which? Car Survey. A low score of 44.8% for reliability places this car a huge 14.7% below the next lowest rival - the Ford Galaxy.

Reported problems with the Grand Scénic include issues with the air conditioning, dashboard displays and battery.

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