How to haggle for the best broadband deal

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How to haggle for the best broadband deal

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How to haggle for the best broadband deal

Many of us are reluctant to haggle. But we shouldn’t be – it really can get you a better deal. Follow these top tips to save money.

Broadband isn't cheap. Despite the low, low headline prices plastered across ads, the true monthly cost can be significant.

Sign up for a Virgin's cheapest package broadband bundle – which includes home phone, broadband and the rarely headlined line rental fee - and your bank account will be around £30 lighter each month.

Throw in some TV to your package – and Virgin will certainly suggest you do – and you could easily end up paying double that every month. Certainly not pocket change.

Best broadband providers - Picking the best deal when you sign up for broadband is the simplest way to save money. Find out which providers offer the best value by reading what their customers had to say about them in our regular broadband survey.

Which providers will offer you the best broadband deal?

But whether you're looking for a new deal, or are an existing customer, you can still save money. How? By haggling with your provider to get the best deal.

In our latest survey of 3,000 Which? members we found that broadband customers saved an average of £113 a year while those with bundled TV and broadband packages saved even more - an impressive £218 a year.

Most of the broadband customers that we spoke to hadn't tried haggling but of the 40% that had given it a go, three quarters received some sort of price reduction or upgrade. More than half of these (56%) received a permanent discount, but there are other sweeteners available too, such as a free phone service or increased data limit.

However, if it's a cash saving you’re after, don’t be afraid to push for this. Members told us that TalkTalk was the least likely to offer a cash deal, but don’t be too disheartened, as a number of hagglers were still able to secure something from the company.

Top five haggling tips

  1. Do your homework first, have better offers from alternative suppliers and your latest detailed bill to hand before you contact your current supplier.
  2. Be persistent and be willing to leave. You can always withdraw the leaving notice in a notice period
  3. Stick to what you have researched. Don’t get drawn into deals that are completely different, and can’t be easily compared with any of the alternatives on offer.
  4. Look carefully at the service being provided – is it actually what you want? Or what you really need?
  5. If you don’t have any luck, try again later, as you will almost certainly get a different customer services person


We know from our survey that, nine times out of ten, a haggle will go to plan, but there can be times when the deals just aren’t forthcoming. We suggest waiting a few days and trying again, but
if you still can’t get what you want, it’s time to switch.

Our guide, How to switch broadband provider, explains all you need to know about the switching process.