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Updated: 18 Mar 2022

Broadband down? How to contact your provider

Think your broadband is down? Find out how to quickly check and contact your broadband provider when there's a problem
Yvette Fletcher
Broadband provider issues

When your broadband service goes down, you can be left burning through your mobile phone's data allowance, trying to figure out what's going on and how to contact your provider. We’ve rounded up all of the key information to make life easier.

The links below will help you check whether broadband from your provider is down in your area. If you need to get in touch with your broadband provider to let them know about a fault, we’ve pulled together all of the necessary contact details for that too.

If your provider tells you there’s no issue, there may be other things you can do to improve your connection – find out how to speed up slow broadband using our guide.

BT Broadband contact details

Check BT Broadband's service status
Call BT customer service: 0800 800 150
Contact BT Live Chat
Read advice on what to do if you think there are BT faults
Twitter: @bt_uk
Facebook: BT UK
Read our review of BT Broadband

EE Broadband contact details

Check EE Broadband's service status
Call EE customer service: 0800 079 8586
Read EE Broadband's troubleshooting tips
Twitter: @EE
Facebook: EE
Read our review of EE Broadband

Hyperoptic contact details

Check Hyperoptic's service status
Call Hyperoptic's customer service: 0333 332 1111
Read Hyperoptic's technical support tips
Twitter: @HyperopticCS
Facebook: Hyperoptic
Read our review of Hyperoptic broadband.

John Lewis Broadband contact details

Check John Lewis Broadband's service status
Call John Lewis Broadband customer service: 0800 022 3300
Read what to do if your John Lewis Broadband isn't working
Read our review of John Lewis Broadband.

Now Broadband contact details

Check Now Broadband's service status
Call Now Broadband's customer service: 0330 332 3050
Read Now Broadband's advice on how to improve slow broadband speed.
Twitter: @NOWHelpTeam
Facebook: Now TV
Read our review of Now Broadband .

Plusnet Broadband contact details

Check Plusnet's service status
Call Plusnet customer service: 0800 432 0200
Read advice about Plusnet connection issues
Twitter: @Plusnet
Facebook: Plusnet
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Post Office Broadband contact details

Post Office has closed its broadband service - get more information in its guide on what this means for existing customers.

Shell Energy Broadband contact details

Call Shell Energy Broadband's customer service: 0330 094 5801
Contact Shell Energy Broadband web chat
Read tips on what to do about Shell Energy Broadband issues.
Twitter: @ShellEnergyHome
Facebook: Shell Energy
Read our review of Shell Energy Broadband.

Sky Broadband contact details

Check Sky's broadband service status
Call Sky's customer service: 0333 759 3029
Read tips on what to do when Sky internet is down
Twitter: @SkyHelpTeam
Facebook: Sky
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SSE Broadband contact details

Call SSE's customer service: 0345 678 0051
Contact SSE Live Chat
Twitter: @YourSSE
Facebook: Your SSE
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TalkTalk Broadband contact details

Check TalkTalk's broadband service status
Call TalkTalk customer service: 0345 172 0088
Contact TalkTalk Live Chat
Read advice about what to do when TalkTalk broadband is down
Twitter: @TalkTalk
Facebook: TalkTalk
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Utility Warehouse Broadband contact details

Call Utility Warehouse customer service: 0333 777 0777
Read Utility Warehouse's broadband troubleshooting tips
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Virgin Media Broadband contact details

Check Virgin Media's broadband service status
Call Virgin Media customer service: 0345 454 1111
Read advice about Virgin Media problems
Twitter: @virginmedia
Facebook: Virgin Media
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Vodafone Broadband contact details

Check Vodafone's broadband service status
Call Vodafone customer service: 03333 040 191
Contact Vodafone Live Chat
Twitter: @VodafoneUK
Facebook: Vodafone UK
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Zen Internet contact details

Check Zen Internet's service status
Call Zen Internet customer service: 01706 902001
Contact Zen Internet Live Chat
Read how to fix Zen Internet problems
Twitter: @ZenInternetHelp
Facebook: Zen Internet UK
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