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Best TV brands

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When buying a new TV, you should go for a brand that has a reputation for quality, innovation and value. Find the right TV brand for you with our guide.

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  • What type of TV brand is right for you?
  • Samsung, LG and Sony brand info
  • Panasonic and Toshiba overviews

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Head to the shops and you'll see a huge range of TV brands all vying for your attention and cash. Should you go for a well-known name? Or take a chance on a supermarket-own model at an attractive price?

We give you the lowdown on the brands involved in making televisions, plus more detailed looks at some of the top names, including Samsung, Sony and LG.

Television brands split into three areas: the big brands, the premium names, and the supermarket TVs/own brands.

The big brands: this group essentially breaks down as the big four (Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic), plus a few fringe players, such as Toshiba. Generally speaking, going for one of the big four will guarantee you some degree of quality (although, they can all have an off day), whereas things get a little more unpredictable with the fringe players.

The premium names: if you want stylish design, unusual features and bragging rights with your friends, the likes of Bang & Olufsen and Loewe may fit the bill. However, be aware that you'll have to pay for the privilege and the TV you get might not always deliver good overall value.

Supermarket / own brands: The big retail brands often have their own TV range, such as Tesco (Technika) Currys PC World (Logik, Sandstrom) and John Lewis (Linsar). One thing all these TVs have in common is a very competitive price, but they also share a lack of quality when put under the scrutiny of our test lab.

Samsung TVs: should you buy one?

Samsung is the largest TV brand in the UK. The South Korean firm produces a huge variety of televisions every year, ranging from small screen sets to giant screens with the latest technology and features. Samsung is also at the forefront of new TV technology, including OLED and 4K. 

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LG TVs: should you buy one?

LG now lags just behind its South Korean rival Samsung in the race to dominate TV sales in the UK. Just like Samsung, LG releases a massive variety of televisions every year and is involved in cutting-edge technology, such as 4K ultra HD, OLED and curved screens. 

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Panasonic TVs: should you buy one?

Against strong competition from Korean giants LG and Samsung, Panasonic has had a tough few years in the TV market. However, we saw some good improvements in 2013 in our test lab and Panasonic remains a respected brand with consumers. The firm's 2014 range will not include any plasma TVs, but will have a wide variety of LED TVs, including both high-definition and 4K sets.

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Sony TVs: should you buy one?

Just like fellow Japanese firm Panasonic, Sony has had a tough time competing against the dominant Samsung and LG. The brand has scaled back its TV ranges to focus on fewer models while improving the quality and developing new technology, including 4K ultra HD picture resolution.

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Toshiba TVs: Should you buy one?

Toshiba is a well known brand in the UK and remains a popular choice for its extensive television range. Toshiba TVs tend to be smaller and mid-size sets, and they usually have cheap price tags, too. However, be aware that you might not always get the highest quality TV for your outlay. 

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