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Best Buy TVs have superb picture quality, fantastic sound and they're easy to use day-to-day. With our expert testing and trustworthy reviews, we can help you find the best TV for you.

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TV picture quality has improved enormously in recent years, and today’s smart TVs come packed with features, but even the biggest brands can have off-days.

The Which? Best Buy logo is your guarantee of quality. It means you’ll get a fantastic picture whatever you’re watching, sound that’s a cut above the rest and a TV that's easy to set up and use day-to-day.

Using an eagle-eyed viewing panel, we watch more than 4,000 video clips every year to assess picture quality, including fast action sequences to judge motion performance.

Our audio experts also play over 3,000 audio clips a year to assess sound, including voices and effects in dramas and movies, and pop, jazz and classical music. Additionally, our ergonomists will press every button on the remote and dig into every menu or smart TV feature to discover how easy they are to use.

You can trust Which? reviews because we’re independent, we work for you - the consumer. We buy all the TVs we test and don’t take advertising, so you can be sure that our recommendations are influenced only by our test results. Our goal is to help you make the right choice first time and avoid making any regrettable buying decisions.

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