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Ultrabooks and ultraportable The laptop's ideal use. Ultrabooks are a phrase coined by Intel for super thin and light laptops that meet certain specifications it sets. Ultraportables might not meet Intel's exact criteria but are still slim and light - a good choice to take on the move.

Chromebook The laptop's ideal use. Chromebooks are a budget laptop for people who spend the majority of their time online. They run Chrome OS, with limited hard drive storage space,

Desktop replacement The laptop's ideal use. Desktop replacements have bigger screens and keyboards and high specifications.

Entry level The laptop's ideal use. Entry level models are cheaper with lower specifications - a good choice for novices or students on a budget.

Family laptop The laptop's ideal use. Family laptops are all-rounders with good sized screens and specifications sufficient to handle everyday tasks.

Multimedia The laptop's ideal use. Multimedia laptops have good screens and handle graphically demanding tasks well - great for watching films. Some even have Blu-ray drives for watching in high definition.

Convertible laptop A laptop computer that folds into a tablet. The screen swivels around and folds back down, turning the machine into a rectangular tablet.


Operating system The operating system the laptop was running during testing

Screen and weight

Screen size

Screen finish Whether the display is matte or glossy

Weight This is our measured weight of the laptop with the battery but without the power supply

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