Keep your data safe DVD burning tips

How do I install my DVD burning software?

If you’ve just bought a new DVD drive, you may have been provided with some bundled software. Pop the installation disc into the drive and follow the instructions. If you buy a full-price package, you may be provided with an install disc, or you may have to download software from the manufacturer’s website. Free software will almost certainly be in the form of a download.

How do I use it?

Many of the software packages have lots of different elements, but at the core you’ll usually find a simple interface that should be familiar to regular Windows users. Ordinarily, you select the files you want to copy to disc, and drag them into an area representing the disc itself.

When you’re done, you’ll be able to choose to burn the files to disc – you can expect this process to take a while to complete.

What else can I do with my software?

You can use this software to simply transfer files to disc, as a backup or for transferring them to another computer. Or, if you have camcorder footage, for instance, you can make DVDs that can be played in a standard DVD player.

Many programs also offer lots of extras, allowing you create disc labels or schedule automatic backups of your files to DVD, for example. The exact capabilities vary dramatically from program to program.

How do I create a backup CD? 

Insert a blank CD into your recordable disc drive. In the box that appears, click Open writable folder > OK. In the window, click Minimize to reduce its size. Click Start > My Documents > Minimize.

Browse to the files you want to record, then drag and drop them into the blank CD's window. Under CD Writing Tasks, click Write these files to CD. In the CD Writing Wizard box, type in a name for your CD > Next.