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A Best Buy fridge freezer will ensure your food is kept fresh for longer, saving you money

Fridge and freezer space is at a premium when you have a family - you will need extra space to freeze all those batches of baby food and pre-prepared meals. You also need to make sure that your fridge will cool and freeze large quantities of food safely and efficiently.

These Best Buy fridge freezers are perfect for new families because they offer lots of space, are efficient and run relatively quietly.

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Best family fridge freezers
Fridge freezersSign up for the full reviewsFridge powerFreezer powerQuietness & vibrationEnergy useScore
 Which fridge freezer?Subscriber only contentExcellentGoodSatisfactorySatisfactory85%
  • This is a great-value Best Buy with a massive amount of fridge space for your weekly family shop, and a good-sized freezer.
  • It will chill your food and drink quickly to safe temperatures and keep them that way, even during a 24-hour power cut.
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 Which fridge freezer?Subscriber only contentExcellentExcellentGoodGood82%
  • This fridge freezer will chill and freeze your food speedily which will help it last longer so you can store a bulk-buy of food to feed your family throughout the week.
  • It also won't cost a fortune to run, so it won't be a burden on your household budget.
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 Which fridge freezer?Subscriber only contentExcellentExcellentSatisfactoryGood78%
  • This top-scoring Best Buy fridge freezer has a huge freezer and spacious fridge, with plenty of nifty storage features to make chilling and freezing large amounts of food for your family easy and effective. It's really quick at chilling, too.
  • Running it will barely make a dent on your energy bills, as we rate it very highly for energy saving.
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What makes a Best Buy fridge freezer?

For an even wider view of what's on the market, Which? has scientifically tested and reviewed more than 180 fridge freezers.

A great fridge freezer will chill and freeze your food fast and then keep the food at a consistent temperature, whether your kitchen heats up or cools down. It will run quietly, offer plenty of storage space and will be energy efficient too. To find out which fridge freezers do this best, we carry out 215 checks, measurements and tests on each model we’ve selected. This rigorous testing means each year we chill and freeze the equivalent of around 6,696 tomatoes, 558 large chickens and 2,232 pints of milk.

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