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Active tots often love baby walkers

It can be hard knowing whether to opt for a baby walker or a baby bouncer. In our 2014 baby survey, we found that 72% of parents had bought or been given a baby bouncer or seated rocker during the first two years of their child's life, while 59% had bought or been given a baby walker. Both are worth considering at the point when your baby is showing signs of wanting to be active, but is not yet ready to walk.

As part of our survey, we asked those parents who did own a baby walker which brand they'd recommend based on comfort, ease of use and cleaning, and value for money. You can find out what they thought in our review of the best and worst baby walker brands.

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Baby walker pros and cons

Baby walker pros

  • Baby walkers are a great means of allowing active babies to start exploring.
  • Provided that you buy a recommended brand of baby walker, it should be straightforward to get your tot in and out of, provide good value for money and be easy to clean.
  • Many baby walkers come with built-in toys, games, and even music and lights - so they'll provide a lot of entertainment for your baby.
  • They also usually have tray tables, so you don't have to move your little one for feeding if they're happy where they are.

Baby walker cons

  • Baby walkers are not recommended for more than 30 minutes' use at a time, so you can't let your baby roam around in their walker all day.
  • While all new baby walkers should comply with strict safety standards, there have been concerns in the past over how safe walkers are. Follow the tips in our how to buy the best baby walker guide to find out how to use walkers safely.

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