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Best tow cars revealed
  • We reveal the Best Buy and Worth a Look cars that are best for towing
  • Unbiased reviews of the best tow cars by Which? Car experts
  • Popular tow cars rated, including the VW Touareg and Honda CR-V

What's in this guide

  1. Best full-size 4x4 tow cars

    If you need to tow something big, you'll need a proper full-size SUV. See which ones are best for towing in our unbiased testing.

  2. Best medium 4x4 and estate tow cars

    Find out which mid-sized SUVs and large estate cars are best for towing and which scored best in our unbiased road tests.

  3. Best smaller tow cars

    If you only have something small to tow, a regular hatchback can do the job. Discover which ones are best for towing smaller loads.