Buying a car Buying a new car

Buying a new car
  • We explain your car finance options, including hire purchase, 0% finance and personal leasing
  • How to save money when buying a pre-registered car
  • Follow our script on how to haggle the price of a new car

What's in this guide

  1. Buying a car

    How to get started when buying a car, including finding new and used car reviews.

  2. Buying a car with dealer finance

    When you should think about buying a car with the dealer's finance packages.

  3. Independent car finance

    Sorting out your own car finance can be cheaper than arranging dealer finance.

  4. Where should you buy a new car?

    Buying a car from a franchised dealer, broker, car supermarket or import agent.

  5. Should I buy a pre-registered car?

    Find out more about the process of buying a pre-registered car.

  6. How to haggle

    Haggling needn't be taxing. Follow our haggling script to get the best deal.